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TheWidener familyis an American family fromPhiladelphiaPennsylvania. Founded byPeter Arrell Browne Widener(18341915) and his wife, Hannah Josephine Dunton (18361896), it was once one of the wealthiest families in the United States. In 1883, Peter Widener was part of the founding partnership of thePhiladelphia Traction Company, and he used the great wealth accumulated from that business to become a founding organizer ofU.S. Steeland theAmerican Tobacco Company.citation needed

Peter A. B. Widener(1834-1915), married Hannah Josephine Dunton (18361896)

(son) Harry Widener (18591874), died unmarried and without issue

(son)George Dunton Widener(18611912), marriedEleanor Elkins(1862-1937), began construction ofMiramar, died aboard the

(grandson)Harry Elkins Widener(1885-1912), died aboard the

(grandson)George D. Widener Jr.(1889-1971), married Jessie Sloane Dodge (1883-1968), purchasedErdenheim Farm, died without issue

(granddaughter)Eleanor Widener Dixon(1891-1953), married banker Fitz Eugene Dixon (1888-1982), built Ronaele Manor

(great-granddaughter) Eleanor Widener Dixon (1913-1967), married James Cuthbert Gentle (1904-1986), died without issue

(great-grandson)Fitz Eugene Dixon Jr.(1923-2006), married Edith Bruen Robb (b. 1925), inherited Erdenheim Farm

(great-great-grandson) George Widener Dixon (b. 1953)

(great-great-granddaughter) Edith Eleanor Dixon (b. 1957)

(son)Joseph Early Widener(18711943), married Eleanor Holmes Pancoast (1873-1929)

(grandson)Peter Arrell Browne Widener II(1895-1948), marriedGertrude Douglas Peabody(1897-1970)

(great-grandson) Peter Arrell Browne Widener III (1925-1999), married Louise B. Van Meter (1928-2018)

(great-great-grandson) Peter Arrell Browne Widener IV (b. 1950)

(great-great-grandson) George D. Widener (b. 1954)

(great-granddaughter) Ella Ann Widener (1928-1986), married Cortright Wetherill (1923-1988)

(great-great-grandson) Cortright Wetherill Jr. (b. 1951), married Janice Nestle

(great-great-grandson) Peter Widener Wetherill (d. 2010), died unmarried and without issue

(granddaughter) Josephine Fifi Widener Leidy Holden Wichfeld Bigelow (1902-1961)

(adopted great-granddaughter) Joan Widener Leidy Paine Ray (1923-1988), 1st married George Eustin Paine Jr. (divorce 1950), 2nd married James Chandler Ray (1923-2017)

(great-great-grandson) George Eustin Paine III (1942-2001), died without issue

(great-great-grandson) James Widener Ray (1952-1999), died without issue

(great-great-granddaughter) Joan Chandler Ray (1955-2009), died without issue

The legacy of Peter and Hannah Widener includes theWidener LibraryatHarvard University, but even more important was the implanting of asocial consciencein their children that has been passed down from generation to generation. While the family fortune dwindled over time throughestate taxesand the natural division and redivision by inheritors, many of their 21st-century descendants continue to be involved in charitable works.Widener UniversityinChester, Pennsylvania, was named after the Wideners as a result of a very large contribution the family made when the college was transitioning from an all-male military college to a co-educational civilian university.citation needed

Peter and Hannah Widener builtLynnewood HallinElkins Park, Pennsylvania, a 110-roomGeorgian-stylemansion designed byHorace Trumbauer, where they assembled one of the most valuable art collections in the country. Left a vast fortune, their offspring became among the most prominent factors in AmericanThoroughbred horse racinghistory, as well as founding benefactors of theNational Gallery of ArtinWashington, D.C.Widener Universityin Chester, Pennsylvania, and theWidener School for Crippled Children.citation needed

byPeter A. B. Widener IIG. P. Putnams Sons(1940)

P.A.B. WIDENER 2D WEDS MRS. PEABODY Philadelphian Marries Former Wife of F. S. Peabody at Lynnewood Hall, Eikins Park. IN THE REMBRANDT ROOM Bride Is a Recent Reno Divorcee — Couple Sail Today for a Honeymoon in Europe.

Josephine Fifi Wideners husbands were: 1. Carter Randolph Leidy (m. 1920, divorce 1926); 2. Milton Whitely Holden (m. 1926, divorce 1932); 3. Askel C. P. Wichfield (m. 1933, divorce 1951); 4. Anson Alexander Bigelow (m. 1954).

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