The first step to your financial independence is true desire.

He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior. Confucious

A lot of times when we gather with our loved ones we usually tend to start talking about how we used to be when we were little ones growing up. Our parents love to embarrass us in front of other relatives and especially in the presence of that special someone we are trying to impress, or our spouses, but it never fails. Parents always talk about how mommy or daddy or hubby or wifey used to be when they were littleand that is embarrassing (often times very hilarious to be honest).

One thing that Im pretty sure we can all relate to is how we used to nag to our parents when we wanted something. We all did it!

Daddy can you buy me this? I WANT IIITT!! *hyper dramatic cries*

Something about our desire to want something lead us to truly ask for it and demand it from our parents. Some of us were successful in achieving results and others got a talkwhile others probably got a beat down when they got home (not condoning physical abuse but we have to admit that this happens, unfortunately).

We used this technique to get things and get the attention from our authorities almost on demand.

So, what happened? We grew up. We BECAME that authority.

Now, this isnt a talk about managing your kids or being a good parent. Im talking about to your inner self, yes, that little kid that demanded from his or her authorities that which his or her little heart desired.

Tell me really, what happened? Where did your desire go?

You conformed to your lousy job, you put up with your lousy boss. And, to make matters worse, you think that that is okay and its normal.

And in following the game and conforming to the rules everyone else is playing you fell into a little dirty thing called: The rat race.

Weve all heard about it, weve all been lured by it. It goes something like this:

Do well in school, get a good job, work hard, get promoted, buy nice things, and rinse and repeat. Hand it down to your generations, and keep doing it.

The problem, big problem I should say, is that we never learn to play the game to win.

What does that mean? Well, to win one must finish, and most of us never truly finish.  Some of us die worrying about our legacy and heirs; others die burdened with debts, die at work, die worried sick about how our families are going to get by after we takeoff. Some will retire poor. No lack of strategic plan to retire just trusting in our bureaucrats highly qualified aptitude to manage a budget (sarcastic stare at the camera) and hoping there will be enough for us to live off of when we reach retirement age. Please

No one is going to take care of you now. Youre all grown up, and there is no one you can nag too to ask for more, but you.

You know that little kid is inside of you, unwilling to conform to the way things are. You want to break free and you dont know who to scream to and ask for help.

You feel trapped in the rat race and you dont know how to get out.

You hate your current job and you dont know what to do to liberate yourself.

You have desires that no one else can satisfy.

Go ahead, nag. Nag to yourself. Make it happen. Ask for more, and focus on yourprimal desire to be independent and free and in controlof your own schedule and future and retirement.

I know you can do it. We call can, if we just accept that we deserve more and we are responsible for our own future.

Its not your bosss job to make you free, its not his or her job to make you happy, its not his fault you are stuck in your situation.It is YOURS and it is time for you to assume responsibility and take charge in changing our current situation.

Its time for you to get serious and stop complaining and playing the blame game.

It takes focus, discipline, determination and an adamant desire to be in control of your own self and being the tool of great blessing to your loved ones or the liberator of your inner self unjustly entrapped inside of you.

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