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Spring Skiing is here enjoy it while ucan

The Weather forecast for the upcoming weekend is looking very good cloudy Friday and then sunny and warmer temperatures for Saturday and Sunday   the hill will be busy with skiers/riders of all makes and models. Private lessons will abound so come enjoy the sun and make some extra money teaching privates especially onFriday.

P.S. Frank said I had to ask nicely soPRETTY PLEASEwould you come out and make yourself some extra money.

The weather looks good for the weekend, hope to see people come by for a ski or ride. Things to remember: jacket return, banquet tickets. Pro room will be open this weekend so its a good time to take care of end of season stuff.

The academy banquet is set for the 16thof April. I always hope to see as many people as possible, the awards nominees are below , come out and see who the winners will be.

Sasha Spano, Mackenzie Wesley-James, Taylor Armstrong

Lilian ‎Kleckner-Alt, Trevor Clost, Leiam ‎OByrne

Jack Wittman, Joel Forsyth, Caryn Graham

Stephen Beaudot, Cameron Allen, William James, David MacIntyre, Josh Freedman

Nadine Charania, Aurelia Duwiquet, Lara Pranckevicius, Jayden Alp, Stephanie Gelinas-Sanchez

Luca Juhel- Salvaggio , Joe Sackett, Conor Roche

Abigail Imbeault, Brooke Auger, Iona Lipan

Matthew Jeffery, Rogan Oremush, Kayla Dobson

Stuart Robinson, Anthony OBrien

Joe McLean, Rob Dewar, Marty Holski, Mary Lou McKay

A reminder to all registered to work the march break, we will have a meeting at8:30AMin order to get organized for the program. To all that may come up during the week, we will be happy to see you. And we are still looking for a few extra riders to help out this week.

This weekend should be very nice, hope to see many of you out to enjoy the sunshine. We are running privates and beginner specials so it will be important to go to the meeting area every hour on the half. Also its a good time tobuy your ticketfor the Academy Banquet (on April 16, 16). Still collecting nominations for Awards, send

Ontario March break begins Monday, thanks to all that have signed up to teach, and if youre able, its not too late to join the team for the week. We are looking for a few extra snowboarders to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Call the cage (Ext 2223) if youre available .

For those that want to return your jackets, we would like it washed and on a hanger in a clear plastic bag that way when you pick up your jacket next season, it will be ready to go

This weekend should be exciting with theCanadian Freestyle Championshipon Heg.

You may also want totell friendsabout Toonie Tuesday on the 22nd of March  2$ skiing day or night.

If you have people interested in joining  our team, please  pass on this link to theSpring Training Document.

Well here we are thelast weekof our 9 week programs, this season seems to have flown by. I know many of you will be costumed and so will many of the kids, its always cool to see everyone having fun on the last day of lessons.

Remember we are having a social after lessons pizza beer and soft drinks, we are using this event to raise funds for our Norm Grondin Bursary Foundation, so please bring some $$$ to purchase a snack and a drink. This will happen both Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets for the banquet are on sale at the cage,April 16this the date25$is the cost. Send any awards nominees to me .

Once the 9 week program is done, we are still teaching privates and beginner specials, we also have theOnt. march break (March 14 to 18)and we are still looking for people to help out on the Ontario week . Its important to realize that when coming out to the hill we will expect that your available to teach if needed. Many hands make for light work and the great spring weather will be with us for the next month.

As promised the weather will be great this weekend , looking forward to seeing a big turn out as well as good attendance for the Social/Fundraiser.

The Pro Room is located in the Valley, in the old Alexander Lodge, which is across from the bottom of the Clifford lift.

Le Pro Room est situ dans la Valle dans lancien loge Alexandre, qui est directement en face du bas du lift Clifford.

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