RAPID Exponential Business Development Consultant & Closer

Multi-Million Dollar Contract Attraction & Retention Expert

A.K.A. Big Deal Hunter & Business Development Authority

Attract & Close LARGER Lucrative ContractsFAST

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I generate exponential growth for Corporate Enterprises, (and established Small Businesses, but in different ways.)

I attract & close (or save) highly lucrative contracts FAST, (or coach your organization to do this long-term), especially

Hard-to-get deals – Or when all other efforts have failed.

Lost deals – Ill get them to come back to you, even if they had good reason to leave.

Dead deals – I am very good at resurrecting them, even if you think they are hopeless.

Or, Ill train your sales reps in these skills.

I price my services based on the RESULTS I can deliver with SUPREME confidence.

I only work with clients Im CERTAIN I can grow EXPONENTIALLY and FAST,either by coaching your business development and sales professionals,

(or closing the most lucrative contracts FOR YOU myself.)

On this call, I will assess your growth potential, determinehow muchtop-line revenue I can generate for you, andhow fast.

things happenlightning-fastto cause your businessto blast off

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