DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT INNER CIRCLE FOR YOUR SUCCESS?Receive an extract of my book and 12 weeks of tips and tools to build your perfect Inner Circle of success.

You probably dont feel like it all the time, but I have worked with thousands of leaders, teams and companies unlocking their potential and I know that you, like them, truly are.

I believe everyone has brilliance within. That your teams can achieve the extraordinary if they are given the tools, training and backing they need to elevate their performance.

Its why I am obsessed with working with leaders and companies to unlock brilliant performance. Through true collaboration, strategic networking and leadership acceleration workshops and programs, I know what it takes to unlock the brilliance in your teams and leaders.

I am passionate about you leveraging the amazing talent you already have.

I work with ambitious leaders, teams and companies who want to achieve consistently high performance and see their satisfaction and results sky rocket.

I know when you bring brilliant people together that the results are extraordinary.

High performing teams, leaders and companies can achieve the extraordinary. When you lift performance your results, culture and the happiness of your people is raised too.

I inspire audiences to unleash their own brilliance and share it with others with my motivating and entertaining keynotes. Fun, energetic and engaging with practical tools and tips your audience will leave inspired and ready to take action

Accelerate your success.  Become a connected, high performing leader.  I help clever people become commercially smart. Own your own story, be your own success and share it with the world.

I help leaders, teams and companies unleash the brilliance of their people in order to elevate performance and results with my award nominated in-depth programs. Whether its a half day, full day or multi-day program, I can create a shift in your teams and leaders.

Networking is no longer about collecting business cards and meetingthousands of people; its about knowing the right people, and nurturing those relationships.

Sure networking matters but its YOUR personal network that matters more. Networking the right way builds your success, increases team engagement and creates more opportunity to build client relationships that matter.  Networking builds personal and professional success.

Learn how to build a small, strategic and successful network that works for you, not against you.

The people we connect with can make or break our ideas and future success

Finally a fresh alternative to networking that makes sense.

I find myself coming back to this book regularly to use as a compass for developing my network. This book is not about the generic skill of networking per se but rather about the strategic activity of building a powerful network around you that will facilitate and accelerate success both personal and professional. Janine Garner has laid out a step by step process to make it easy to leverage the power of connection. The book is packed with checklists, models and frameworks that help the reader to implement the great ideas and concepts presented in this wonderful book. There are few books which are genuinely relevant for EVERYONE. This is one of those books.

The future outlook is one of uncertainty and constant challenges, and that Me space youve lived in for so long isnt enough anymore.

To succeed on a long-term basis, you will need to engage and understand the value of your team those who ideate, who create, who support. You will need to embrace the worth of commercial collaboration, and enter the We space.

From Me To Weis a savvy guide filled with tools, ideas and suggestions for a smarter way of thinking that will position you for future commercial success.

Great leaders know that we can do more together than we ever can alone. In todays accelerated and competitive world, building strong relationships that are not only mutually rewarding, but commercially smart, is the new imperative. Garners book will help you do just that.

Collaboration is far from a soft skill. It is a bottomline asset that lift s your teams collective intelligence, increases engagement and drives innovation, providing points of view of risk and opportunities you might otherwise miss.

The Australian Defence Force are not only required to do, think and act in a collaborative manner, but are well aware of the benefits of collaboration and of moving from a Me space to a We space. Collaborative thinking is inherently rooted at an organisational level.

Janine gets the challenge, the challenge of getting smart people working together. In From Me To We she offers a plan for creating competitive advantage by collaboration.

Last week, my very good friend and fellow thought leader, Gabrielle Dolan and I ran a The Winning Formula public workshop in Sydney.  To witness people finding their powerful

Inspiring Audiences to Step Up Be Brilliant

Im often asked about why I love keynote speaking.  Funnily enough, as a child, I loved performing and my teenage years saw me taking to musical theatre and amateur

Last term I was helping my son, Carter, with some research for a school project on eagles and we discovered that eagles actually love a storm. Apparently, when clouds

Janine Garner: Leaders need to show vulnerability

Business schools spend too much time teaching students to focus on their competition and not enough teaching them collaborative skills, says networking community LBD Group founder and CEO Janine Garner.

Janine Garner: Clients more demanding than ever

Clients have become more demanding than ever before with disruption in media placing everyone under more pressure, Janine Garner said. Speaking at this weeks AdNews Lessons in Leadership event, the

Business is, and always has been, about people and the people you know. In Managing Yourself: A Smarter Way to Network, Rob Cross and Robert J. Thomas found, The executives

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU Janine for sharing your insights and wisdom on the power of working together, the need to drive influential leadership and the importance of having a balanced lifestyle. I have received amazing feedback from so many involved in the workshops yesterday. Your energy, passion and determination is truly inspirational!

This year, we launched Accelerate, EYs flagship program to accelerate the careers of our next generation female leaders. Janine was an integral part of the launch event. Her session on how to analyse and strategically build your personal support network was inspirational and of great value to our participants. Janines approach empowers women to be themselves and to find an authentic way of creating support and sponsorship to further their careers.She is an excellent speaker and facilitator and we received outstanding feedback on her session.

Janine ran a comprehensive program for development of our top talent. Herapproach, and her personality, led to this being an extremely successful program to the extent that we have re-engaged her for a second and improved version this year. I would strongly recommend talking to Janine if you want to do something different when it comes to developing staff.

Janines presentation did not disappoint. It was impossible not to share in her high energy and enthusiasm for her topic. Her material was insightful, thought provoking and inspiring. We received very positive feedback from our attendees, so we were very pleased. Janine and her staff were extremely easy to work with and we would book Janine again in the future.

Janine is a truly wonderful facilitator and speaker. Her content is always cutting edge, modern and reflective of what is currently happening in business today. Janine brings a wonderful energy with everything she delivers. She truly has a great ability to flex and change her style to the area that she is working in, whether thats one-on-one coaching, facilitating large workshops for senior attendees or large-scale speaker sessions for groups of corporates.

Janine is an amazing speaker, mentor and trainer. Not to mention a brilliant, best-selling author. She is a master at helping othersreach their full potential and companies achieve better results and do more through collaboration and thought leadership.Work with her if you can. You will be as inspired by who she is, what she knows and what she teaches as I am.

Janine is a passionate, inspirational and generous speaker, with a great ability to engage her audience. Her preparation and dedication to delivering specific and relevant content is very impressive, and was reflected in the audiences rating of almost exclusively 5/5. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Janine both as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.

In the last quarter of 2017, after feeling a bit stuck I got in touch with Janine and engaged her as a coach/mentor over 3 sessions. I had been a long-time admirer of her work ethic and commercial smarts and I was not disappointed. Janine helped me crystalise my thinking, set me on a path of determined action, and did all of this with an Ive got your back approach. And that was just at the first session!She is very generous with her time, smarts and advice. My 2018 is set up for success because of three extremely high-quality conversations