What are the best, or most common college majors of fortune 500 CEOs? Its no big surprise thatengineering and businessare the most common ones. People who studied engineering and business account for44%of the fortune 500 CEOs. Why are these so common, and what is it about these degrees that help peoplebecome CEOs?

Engineering is a massive field with over 25 specialties, a few of which are mechanical, civil, chemical, electrical and computer engineering. These specialties allow engineers to work in all industries, ultimately making their career options nearly unlimited. Engineering majors also take an assortment of courses, including, math, science, writing and technical courses. With such a diverse set of skills, its no wonder engineering is one of the degrees most likely to produce CEOs of fortune 500 companies.

Business majors learn management, finance, marketing, sales and international relations. All of this knowledge gives students the ability to do business from different angles. This means that people who study business can work their way from the bottom, all the way to the CEO position.

Although engineering and business majors account for a large percentage of Fortune 500 CEOs, there are other college majors that are known to land people at the head of the company.

Becoming a CEO doesnt require a business or engineering degree. There are many Fortune 500 CEOs who made it to the top withdegreesin subjects like;

What is it about these degrees that set students up for future career success? Each subject has elements that provide students both academic and life skills that can help a future CEO.

History teaches people about the world around them, both now and in the past. This gives them a perspective that other degrees cannot provide. History majors are also more likely to be double majors in college and more likely to strive for an advanced degree after undergraduate school; making them destined for career success.

Economics are an important field used in the non-profit sector, government and even for private companies. Obtaining an economics degree calls for students to open-minded, creative, and have the ability to work systematically to research data.

Computer science, with its many specialties, makes for a worthwhile college degree. Teaching everything from computer engineering to web developing, computer science degrees lead students to careers in many different industries.

Political scientists study systems and institutions related to politics and governmental structure. A political science degree program requires students to be objective, analytical, and comparative. These are all skills that are also needed to be a prosperous CEO.

Business administration college courses provide skills in organizational development, leadership, creative thinking, decision-making, and more. A CEO practices similar skills in their job each day.

There are certain degree programs that are common for producing CEOs, but probably almost any degree can help you move up to the career ladder to the executive positions.

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