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Football has played a significant role in my life and in the development of the person I am today. From the time I first started playing to when I finished in junior college, I was always learning valuable lessons about things such as hard work, dedication, accountability, competition, sacrifice and the joy that comes in achieving a goal. As a football coach now myself, I have the great fortune to be able to give back many of these great lessons I learned by playing football.

As a football player I was never the biggest or fastest. The qualities that set me apart was a great intrinsic understanding of the game and diligent film study of the competition. I have been able to translate these same qualities into my football coaching career. With these qualities in addition to the ability to communicate with athletes, I have the good fortune to be able to contribute to a successful program.

The majority of the things I have learned about coaching and football strategy I have learned from other coaches at ether it be at clinics, online or videos. If you have attended these clinics or watched the videos online or on DVD, you know that many times they just show this great touchdown scoring play where the defense messed up in some manner or the player made some great play. This looks great but is not really helpful. You are only getting a small percentage of what made the play successful.

It is my goal to fill in the rest of the picture. I will show not only the good plays but the ones that didnt work out as planned and why they didnt. In addition I will provide information on what I was thinking in calling the play or if its not my play why I would or wouldnt have called the play. Having the full picture will help you better understand the philosophy, communicate to your athletes and get better buy in from the athletes. As a better coach you can have more influence with your athletes and be able to pass on all those amazing lessons we learned from play football.

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Hi my name is Francisco Vega and I am a Football Coach in Northern Nevada. With this blog I am looking to share some insights and opinions on all things football. I hope learn as much as I provide, so please provide feedback and let me know if there is anything you would like to see discussed in future posts.

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