recently came to my attention so Ive been taking a closer look to see how it works and whether its a scam. After checking it out my verdict is in and in my opinion the 21 Step Millionaire Coach is a scam.

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In my opinion the 21 Step Millionaire Coach is an unethical scam. Let me explain so you know exactly why I am saying this. When I came across the website I initially thought it was your typical make money scam. As it turns out the actual product on offer is membership to Mobe. Mobe is a company started by a guy called Matt Lloyd a few years back.

Believe it or not, Mobe is a legitimate company and Matt is not a scammer, however the 21 Step Millionaire Coach is a scam. So how does that work exactly? If youre a little confused dont worry because Ill explain.

The 21 Step Millionaire Coach is essentially just a sales page that promotes the Mobe business opportunity. The reason Im calling it out as a scam is because of the income claims and fake testimonials. Even though the company behind promoted here is Mobe I still feel that 21 Step Millionaire Coach is a scam because they are lying to you in order to make the sale.

Think about a car purchase. You go into the dealership to buy a new car that gets good gas mileage and is fast. The salesman persuades you to buy a specific type of car and he tells you it gets good gas mileage and is fast, its exactly what you wanted right. But then you get home and you realise that the car isnt what you were told it is.

Sure its a pretty good car, comfortable and has many plus points. But its NOT what you were sold. If this happened I think youd be annoyed right, and probably feel like the salesman scammed you? Dont you think?

Thats exactly what is happening with the 21 Step Millionaire Coach. You are being lied to. They claim you can make a fortune following the simple 21 steps and they show you all the people having success with the system but these testimonials are fake and you wont make the kind of income claimed. I believe its just another scam system like others Ive reviewed such as700 Profit ClubandHome Earning System.

Take this guy for example. George Willingham has apparently made a fortune from using this system. Hes just one of the many actors who appear in the video claiming to have made money.

The truth is this guy is a prolific actor when it comes to scams. He has appeared in more sales video for scam systems than anyone else I have seen. Hes been doing this for years, and the 21 Step Millionaire Coach is just the latest one hes appeared in and Im confident it wont be the last.

To be honest I am surprised that people dont recognise him from other scam systems. Like I said he has appeared in so many that I am sure some people will actually recognise him and realise that this system is fake.

Here is another one of the fake people claiming to have made a fortune:

This particular person who appears in the video claims to be making $9,000 per week with the 21 Step Millionaire Coach. Once again this person has appeared in many videos for scam systems and is an actor.

You can find his services listed on the website fiverr. He sells testimonials for as little as $5. So the person you are seeing who claims to be making $9,000 a week from the 21 Step Millionaire Coach is probably broke, after all why would you sell testimonials for $5 and do work for scam systems if you werent desperate for money? If you were making $9k a week you certainly wouldnt be selling fake testimonial services.

Like I mentioned Mobe is not a scam which is the company on offer behind the 21 Step Millionaire Coach. However I do feel that Matt Lloyd may be allowing some unethical marketing tactics to go on by his affiliates. Thats up to him if he wants to allow that, but it doesnt mean Ill be writing positive reviews.

Ultimately the claims made in the sales video for 21 Step Millionaire Coach are not achievable and the fake testimonials just send out huge red flags to me. Sure you could potentially make money because Mobe the company on offer is legitimate, but the majority of people joining wont make money because they will have unrealistic expectations because of the hyped up sales video.

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