Bjorn Martinoff is a top global leadership thinker, Award-Winning CEO Coach, Author, Breakthrough Results Architect, and Executive Team builder., He is the author of the book Develop Exponential Power which is recommended reading by Harvards most influential global leadership thinker Marshall Goldsmith. He is the coauthor of the OD Network Book OD in Practice with William Rothwell and Roland Sullivan. Bjorn has nearly 20 years experience as a Turnaround and Breakthrough Results Executive Coach, organizational development consultant, global conference speaker, author, and trainer. With his work, Bjorn combines insights from the behavioral sciences, action learning, extensive research, and integral development toward new and cutting-edge approaches and frameworks to help the worlds greatest leaders and Executive Teams expand their individual and organizational capabilities and performance.

Bjorn specializes in maximizing Senior Executive development and performance through his coaching, consulting, and training services.  He focuses on coaching senior and high performing executives and executive teams for the worlds largest corporations and in various areas including strategic planning, strategic team-building, career transition, on-boarding, performance, organization development, achieving breakthrough results, and many more.

Bjorn helps individual top executives and teams deal with work and personal issues such as leadership, authenticity, stress, career development and transition, interpersonal relationships, work-life balance, strategic planning, team-building, etc.

With his client-centered, solution-focused, empowering, and non-judgmental coaching style, he partners with his clients in a collaborative coaching process of reflection, discovery and taking action toward positive change and sustainable breakthroughs in performance.

Bjorn frequently writes for PMAP Magazine, HRM Magazine, the Business World, and the ISODC magazine

Coached Country Head of Largest German Pharma Company in Philippines in career planning and helped increase company from 6

largest in overall Pharma business in country.

Coached and motivated Country-head  and leadership team of large BPO to create strategic plan bringing about 22% growth in 10 months.

Coached Executive Team of BPO to have EUR1.5M in operational savings in eight months.

Coached BPO leadership team from last place in network to 2

place in sales and customer satisfaction in only seven weeks saving 800 jobs and revenue of USD11M annually.

Coached Unilever Regional Head and her team responsible for USD27 Billion operations on three continents. Coached her in leadership and relationship with herself.

Coached Member of Samsung founding family to transform Samsung to become more like Sony (2001)

Coached Unilever Global Head in London to find new inspiration, personal life purpose and realign with company vision and purpose.(2011)

Coached three country heads of largest European food company to rapidly grow the business despite the ongoing global financial crisis (2007-2009)

Coached Manager of global five star hotel chain in preparation for promotion.

Coached Director of Global Law Firm BPO in anger management in order to prepare him for double promotion (two levels up)

Coached Unilever Regional Brand Head in leadership, networking and presentation skills.

Coached VP of BPO in her transition from being more of a manager to being more of a leader.

Coached and trained Sales team of one of the largest European food company from decline to 34% growth

How you show up today determines your tomorrow.

Samples of private sector organization experience include work with:

AIG, Audi, AVON, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Bristol Myers Squibb, Citigroup (13 countries), Cognizant, CYPRESS, Dell, Eli Lilly, Harvard Business School India, IBM, Infiniti, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Jollibee, La Farge, Logica, LOreal, Lufthansa, Maersk, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi Motors, Navitaire/Accenture, NCO Group, Nestle (in six countries), Nissan, ON Semiconductors (former Motorola, OPEL, Ovaltine, Pfizer, Porsche, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, San Miguel Corporation, Sitel, Speedo, Sprint, Sony, Sunpower, Twinings, UBS, Unilab, Unilever in 11 countries, VW, Warner Music

Providing Global & Local Executive Development Solutions

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