Ok so where to start, from the very beginning I dealt with Martin & Kevin, frommy very first email upon enquiring about courses, I was warmly welcomed with quick kind responses, patient with my replies as I had a few issues from my end as I was booking from abroad.

I came from the UAE and it was worth every minute I spent with this amazing Academy. I chose to do 4 courses (FASHION, PERIOD STYLING, LACE FRONT WIGS, HAIR EXTENSIONS & HAIR PIECES)-We had amazing surprise teachers as well as all the guidance and knowledge from Kevin along the way. Hes so open and inspiring and has an amazing history with hair, highly professional yet very easy going, which makes this course so relaxed and enjoyable.

I would highly recommend the Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Acdemy to anyone looking to get your groove back, further your skills and learning some great techniques and hacks along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent there and left satisfied that I had definitely gained a lot from my time. I cant thank them enough.

So thrilled to have been back to the Academy! I enjoyed every moment of the FASHION : BLOW DRYING & TONGING Masterclass Series. This course was extremely inspirational and creative. It gave me a clear understanding of key hairstyling techniques and made me think about every section, product and tool that I use to achieve different results. It boosted my confidence and I am already using these newly learnt techniques and receive really positive feedback from my clients. I also enjoyed having the opportunity to be taught by another amazing guest-tutor, celebrity hair stylist Nick Peters, who helped us understand how it is to collaborate with a creative team and how to articulate our ideas and personal style with clarity and confidence. I cant wait to come back for other courses in the future.

Thank you Kevin and Martin for an amazing week! xx

late writing this        review but here it is finally I decided to do a refreshing course for session styling since I had a few days off initially I wasnt sure where to go so I just went online and found Kevin. .. The minute I saw the kevin fortune hairstyling academy website I knew I wanted to go there After a long long flight from India I finally reached the first day for class . From the second I entered with Martin n Kevin welcoming all the students I knew this was just going to be an AMAZING learning experience . I completed the entire ART OF HAIRSTYLING COURSE..

KEVIN is not just one of most talented hairstylist that I have met but such a gem to work with . He taught everyone in the class with so much patience and love His temperament to deal with each and every student is just so amazing . what he teaches you is his style and technique which is OH SO AMAZING so if your a beginner or an established stylist u have so much to learn .

There were also a bunch of guest tutors who came in to teach us on few days and its just a huge bank of talent so grab everything you see and hear

All of the teachers give so much attention to every single thing you do makes you feel like your in for a private class .

And lastly for MARTIN . B.O.O.M He is such an inspiration He might not be involved with the training as such but in reality he is fully involved .. always pushing us to do better and create something great Thank you for all the pics you took and showcasing our work everywhere possible

Lastly I would just like to tell everyone reading this if your planning to learn something new or just refresh your present skills this is the place to come to There might be many courses you can choose from that you will see n hear about but I promise you that THE KEVIN FORTUNE academy wont disappoint .

I had a fun and enjoyable experience doing Kevins Lace Front Wig course. Kevin brought us to a wig outlet to choose our own wig pieces and took us through the making of a wig. This was also beneficial as we got to experience first hand the wig makers in action.

Kevin is one in a million, as mentioned by other stylists, he has a special way of teaching which makes me feel inspired. He has great patience (especially with me ), his way of teaching is truly magical and hypnotic as he breaks every step down for you to understand- which motivates me to learn more. Martin and Kevin have a special and unique partnership which works brilliantly for the academy- the praise and individual acknowledgment they portray to each student is something you do not see at any other school. Their encouragement makes me want to achieve the best I can be and prove to myself I can do it.

I am so happy I chose to complete the three week Art of Hair Styling course at the Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy. It really is an expertly run course. Kevin is an amazing teacher with the patience and positivity of a saint; Ive never met anyone like him. Creative Director, Martin, is full of creative exuberance and is always so warm and ready to help. He is also very skilled with a camera and took some amazing shots of our work throughout the course, and came into his element on the shoot day in his role as Art Director! Together they make the Academy an inspiring and fun place to learn.

The guest tutors were also wonderful and ready to share their knowledge. All tutors are still working in the industry and are at the top of their game, so you know you are in the best possible hands and that you are learning the most current techniques and trends.

The course was well-structured and I learned so much. As the course is open to already established hairstylists as well as novices (like myself), I was worried that I would be out of my depth, but I need not have been. Kevin made sure that he spent ample one-on-one time with everyone, demonstrating and re-demonstrating techniques until we grasped them.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy. Thank you, Kevin and Martin, for having me there. Xx

One of the best courses Ive been on, in just two days I learnt so much about blowdrying and styling from knowing nothingDefinitely going on another course in the future xx

I attended the Kevin Fortune Hairstyling Academy in September 2014 and completed the 3 week course in The Art of Hair Styling. So what can you learn in three weeks you may ask? We started the course with blow drying techniques and completed it with a professional photo shoot including clothes designer, photographer, makeup artist, creative director, models not to mention us as session stylists and the results where exceptional!

The course from start to finish was jam packed with techniques and skills taught and overseen by Kevin, whose passion for hair and love of life spills from every single pore and it is so infectious. We were very luck to have master classes taken by the renowned Denise McAdam who taught us beautiful vintage hairstyles and Sherman Hawthorne who taught us some excellent afro hair skils. Kevin runs the Academy with his partner Martin and between the two of them they make you feel like you are at home the moment you walk through the door. They both have the patience of saints (particularly with a certain student who was relatively new to hair!!!!!) and Martin is super talented at the creative thinking and imagery side of the school, not to mention his epic t-shirt collection!

If you are contemplating doing this course I cant recommend a better place to learn in an environment where you will be made to feel wonderful and given the confidence to travel outside of your comfort zone from day one! My advice DO IT!

Monday 24th November 2014, I attended two courses in 1 week at the Kevin Foutune Academy; learning Blowdrying and Period Styling Techniques. The classes consisted of a small group of six ladies from the beauty, make-up or hairdressing industry; we all had different levels of hair experience but all had the same objective to learn new and different styling techniques and Kevin does not disappoint.

Each morning before the group arrived, Kevin already in the studio, prepped for the days lesson to start at 10 am prompt. Kevin demonstrated many techniques with such ease, which for many of us in the group took hours to perfectalmost! Kevin is the master. But it was no trouble for Kevin to go over a particular technique again until the individual felt happy they understood all the steps to continue and practice for the rest of the lesson. Some of the styling techniques were challenging and Kevin would break down the process into steps. At one stage Kevin compared learning a particular curl formation to driving a car for the first time since there are several manoeuvres to remember simultaneously to produce 1 curl and without burning your fingers!! But it is a great feeling when you are heading in the right direction; Kevin always would comment Good, Great, Youve got it!

Kevin is very passionate about his craft. He is patient, funny and very positive throughout your time at the Academy. He is attentive to each individuals level of skills and ability, giving good advice when something needs tweaking. Kevin shares many stories of his experiences he encountered throughout his successful career, he instils confidence within the group that with practice, practice and more practice! We all can achieve great results.

Thank you Kevin for a great five days and also to Martin for your warm welcomes and uplifting energy; and too not forgetting Sherman Hawthorne another great session stylist who spent a day teaching the group at the academy.

If you are looking for a course that provides great teaching, top tips of styling hair and an insight into world of session work, then I would recommend you contact the Kevin Fortune Academy.

As a Make-up Artist, I wanted to learn how to blow-dry my clients with confidence and I wanted to achieve big bouncy blow-drys. So

I have learnt so much it has changed my life where hair is concerned. You not only learn how to distribute the right products, you also learn the life of hair and how to nourish it etc.

A rep from Philip Kingsley (Lisa Caddy, Education Manager & Consultant Trichologist) talked us through What id Hair and that was so interesting.

Kevin teaches with such fun and encouragement. I will be booking on tonging course and would really recommend this course for any Make-Up Artists who need to stop winging their blow-drys!

Many thanks for this excellent and inspiring hair course (AFRO HAIR From Care & Sculpting To Straightening & Extensions), which jams a plethora of knowledge and techniques pertaining to textured hair types

Kevin, who is a brilliant and very generous teacher taught the bulk of the course himself but also invited excellent guest-tutors, trichologist Tatlyn Grant and Fashion & Media Hair Stylist, Sherman Hawthorne, giving a really comprehensive overview of working with black and mixed-race hair and also included great insights into the industry itself.

I feel very fortunate to have trained with Kevin and his colleagues and thank them all for their openness in sharing their considerable expertise.

As a session stylist I think its important to refresh your memory at least once a year and learn new skills. When I attended the Kevin Fortune Hairstyling Academy I was expecting to learn the average amount you can in a week. However after being in the class room for not even two hours my opinion had dramaticall changed Kevins warm, gentle and inspiring approach to teach truly oozes off him when he talks about the art of hair. I was taught and succeeded in things I thought Id never be able to excel in and its all down to the love that Kevin and Martin have for the school

I would highly recommend any of the courses at the school and am planning to attend the blow drying course in September too! Sign up and attend, itll be the best course youve ever done!

I took part in the editorial and catwalk hairstyling course in Dec 2014. All I have to say about the course is.it was AMAZING!!! I had so much fun learning lots of different styles and working with so many textures. Overall I learnt soooo much & all the tips Kevin has given us, I still use to this day. Kevin is an outstanding teacher, he is so patient, he makes sure to spend time with you and goes above and beyond of what is required of him. Martin is just as amazing, always there to lend his support and help us turn our visions into reality! We made such a great team!! I definitely recommend this course and academy to everyone. 🙂 I hope to work with the fantastic duo again in the near future. Love, Fawziyah xxx

Editorial, Extensions, Afro Techniques and High Fashion, just a peep into whats available to learn from The Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy.

I Have had the pleasure of watching an idea cocoon into a butterfly which is now The K.F.H.S.A which attracts an abundance of enthusiastic students, local and international of all ages and experience, seeking knowledge to add to their hairdressing repertoire.

It is a great joy to for me to be regularly invited as a session hairstylist to contribute as a guest tutor on my knowledge from the hairdressing industry.

Having just attended the two day Blow Drying Techniques For Session Styling course. I can honestly say I finally feel confident and inspired about achieving the perfect blow drys! Thanks to Kevin for his great relaxed, patient approach to teaching and making it a fun two days. Kevin and Martin run a fantastic Academy, just awesome!! X

Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy The BEST place to get hair styling education for hair professionals new or old. Kevin is by far the most patient person Ive come across (I learned how to cornrow and it was one of the most difficult things to pick up for me, but this man does not find anything impossible to teach)! What an amazing week its been with him! The final day of the week was a photoshoot that him and the academys Creative Director, Martin, organized for the students. After having looked through every course that London has to offer, i am SO happy that I will never have to look elsewhere for hair styling education. From techniques to styling products to funny life stories to great music to amazing co-students, there is not a single problem with this academy. The only downside is that it comes to an end!! I cant wait to be back with Kevin and Martin for some more fun-filled education. A must-do course for a beginner or a pro!

The Afro-hair Course was such an amazing experience, I really learnt so much. Kevin is an incredible teacher with so much knowledge, experience and understanding of hair. He explains and demonstrates everything very clearly and the lesson is very easy to follow. I came away with not only complete understanding and techniques for doing afro hair, but so much information about products and tools. Altogether I walked away feeling like an expert in Afro-hair.

The Blow Drying and Period Styling courses are fast paced, practical and packed full of information.

Kevin is as generous with his knowledge as he is with his smile, and I felt my confidence grow hour by hour, supported by the small class size, which meant that we all got to know and grow with each other. Martin is a whizz at handling all the admin, and holding the space with encouragement and support, and together they made the whole learning experience a joyful one. We were also treated to a day with fabulous Sherman Hawthorne and a talk from a top Trichologist.

I will no longer be secretly praying that I dont have to blow-dry a clients hair, and am super excited about my next job, armed with my hair-care knowledge and treasure chest of new skills.

I would highly recommend this course to all make-up artists and stylists who are wanting to up their game.

The FASHION : Blowdrying and Tonging Techniques is one of kind course that concentrates on enhancing your skills which helps any stylist in so many different ways. Be it editorial, bridal, commercial, campaign, celebrity i feel empowered with some great techniques post attending this course. Kevin and Mark (Francome-Painter) both imparted some really detailed knowledge in terms of products and their respective usage.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone keen on enhancing knowledge.

AFRO HAIR From Care & Sculpting To Straightening & Extensions Oh my gosh, we loved it! This was a course that we all thoroughly enjoyed. It was a very intensive

3 days but the knowledge we gained was invaluable.

Working with textured hair is not included in general hairdressing training, therefore this was a great experience and a fantastic addition to our skillset.

We now have the confidence to apply these techniques to our creative environment and look forward to having the opportunity to use them.

Kevins passion, energy and enthusiasm for what he does really rubbed off

and made complicated tasks enjoyable to learn. We also gained a great deal

from the experts that were brought to us: Sherman for his dressing tech

niques and Tatlyn, the trichologist, for her scientific input.

Special thanks to Martin for his superb organisation over the entire three



Thank you so much for the most amazing week at the academy. I learnt more than I could have ever imagined and Im already putting everything into practice and perfecting all the techniques Ive learnt.

I cant speak for the rest of the group but Im sure they will agree that I found the course very bespoke and tailored for all our levels. Kevin, youre such an inspiration and watching you work and learning from you was such a privilege.

I felt so comfortable and at ease to ask any questions, no matter how silly it sounded in my head!

I had the most incredible time at the Kevin Fortune Academy on the Period Styling Techniques course. As a makeup artist trying to find the time to fit in a long course is impossible, this was both intense and rewarding, everything I needed! Being taught by a legend was inspiring and I highly recommend it. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, thank you Martin and Kevin x

I had a fabulous time when I attended the Kevin Fortune Academy on the period styling techniques course. After day 1 I felt I had a new fresh approch and attitude to my work, and throughly enjoyed learning Kevins techniques and methods, I look forward to using them in my work. Kevin was extremely thorough and helped every individual as much as was needed.

I will definitely be back next year! And would recommend to anyone. Many thanks to Kevin and Martin x

I was so happy to finally find somewhere that taught Afro Hair Styling as it had been practically impossible to find short courses in the UK, let alone near me.

It went way above what I was looking for in that it was current, creative with lots of training support.

Kevin is a natural teacher, in that he can break down practical instructions to reach an individuals level, which is difficult for many professionals when a manual skill has become second nature.

I would recommend this course to any hair and make-up artist that is looking at their CPD and broadening their skill set.

The most inspiring and educational courses I have ever done! Im a fully qualified hair and make up stylist and took the Afro Hair and Lace Wigs course. By the end of the first day I could cane row confidently and created an elaborate style. We had a guest teacher, Sherman Hawthorne, who has toured with Diana Ross and Janet Jackson to name a few! I can also now confidently style and set any wig and understand how they are made. We also made our own hair pieces to take away with us! Amazing! I now feel extremely confident going into any job knowing that anything thats thrown at me I can handle. Cant wait to book another course. Thank you Kevin Fortune ❤️ xxx

I attended one of the academys Blow-Drying masterclasses over the summer. I was amazed, that I left after just one day trained on different hair textures the dos and donts when looking after european and afro hair, roots, how to blow dry, curling/styling techniques, and what products are the best to use on what hair-type. I could go on. I was blown away at how much I learnt in one afternoon. Kevins tutoring was excellent, very clear and we learnt so much in a short space of time. The investment in this course will be priceless for makeup artists and hair dressers, by one of the best teachers in the business today, sharing his wealth of expertise. I thank Kevin for my new found passion with hair. He gets 5 stars for a fun day and fabulous personality when teaching us.

I am a professional hairdresser of more years than I can mention, I have done lots of different courses over the years with professional well know hairdressers.

Hand on heart Kevin is the friendliest most down to earth amazing professional I have done a course with.

I did the full 3 weeks (Sept. 2014 The Art Of Hair Styling) it was the best thing I did. Kevin is a very kind patient, knowledgeable and inspiring session hair stylist.

Nothing is too much trouble from Kevin and Martin.

The photo shoot we did was amazing they both Kevin and Martin put in a lot of work so we got the best out of the shoot so we had amazing pictures to show for it. I highly recommend the whole 3 weeks its just got to be done ☺

Thank you so much Kevin and Martin I miss you both and look forward to doing a top up in the future

The academy was a breath of fresh air for me. Aside from being a really beautiful space to work in, the knowledge and confidence I gained from the tutorial was invaluable. For anyone who is looking for a relaxed, professional and cool place to further their craft, especially in session hair styling then this is the place. Kevin blew me away with his knowledge of afro hair and Ive been in the business for a long time! His Partner, Martin was also a fabulous host and his organisation made sure we could all stay focussed on the job in hand braiding! So many hairdressers, new and old, are looking to become more involved in doing sessions and wanting to evolve there skills to keep up, if you feel its for you then pay them a visit. What once upon a time could only be learnt assisting on shows and shoots for years, can be learnt here at a much faster pace. I just hope they dont teach you too well otherwise Ill be out of a job!

We are a Central-London training school, dedicated exclusively to world-class training in the Art of Session Hair Styling.

Address:48 Poland Street, 2nd Floor London W1F 7ND