Fortune Management is a fast growing stable company. Now with 27 store locations mostly in California, has branches in Nevada, Washington, Hawaii, Chicago and now has started expanding in Canada.

Working at this company challenged me in so many levels. Having to work with not just one, but five different accounts/stores, an eight hour shift will not be enough. I was challenged to finish all the necessary work by handling my time management and deadlines altogether.

The job itself was draining with lunch and meal breaks shortened, however, having to work with wonderful people around, I didnt feel as much stress as I should.

I learned how to balance my time, my priorities, and stress.

The company is supportive of its employees but I think it is time for me to move on and find better opportunities. I also think the salary is not amounting to what I expect for what I am contributing to the company.

The company is the head office of Seafoodcity Supermarket. This company have buyers who are my boss and they are responsible for providing actions regarding stores concerns and needs in order to serve best the market. As an admin clerk, my main responsibility is to assist the buyers, ordered items to be displayed in the store and to contact the vendors for the undelivered items.

I learned from this experience on how the company runs and manage, to be more focus and manageable in accomplishing each task given by my boss, more knowledge in MS Excel, and in handling stress.

My co- workers are my new friends and we help each other.

The hardest part of the job is to accomplish each task given, while your working sometimes your boss demands and it could be an additional task.

This job might be task driven but I find it enjoyable and challenging; you will learn more.

I ran daily reports for labor cost and hours, reconciled time cards for payroll purposes for 300+ employees. I learned to utilized my skills in Microsoft word and excel as well as programs for payroll such as ADP, CTE, and Payforce.

free lunches, paid time off and holiday benefits, medical insurance.

no room for growth, laid off due to outsource of payroll department.

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