To measurably improve leadership behavior around the world

The Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach Certification is a disciplined practice that helps coaches learn and apply a proven process for leaders to use for effective behavior change. The methodology has a remarkable track record of success as measured by those who work with the leader and assess the level of improvement through our mini-survey tool.

The mini-survey is a confidential online assessment where stakeholders identified, recruited and involved in the process from the beginning provide their anonymous perception of the level of positive change in behavior demonstrated by the leader.

The best leaders may be the ones least noticed.

Thats why I, Marshall Goldsmith, dont hold myself up as coach as expert. Im much more a coach as facilitator. Most of what my clients learn about themselves comes not from me but from their friends, their colleagues, and their family members. I just try to provide help when needed and assist them in not wandering too far off the course that they have chosen.

Many coaching approaches focus on leadership assessments, goal setting, and action planning between the leader and the coach.   Often the major outcome from such efforts is increased awareness and acceptance. As a result leaders intellectually understands where change would be desirable and how they could move to higher levels of effectiveness through action planning. The coach then reviews, with the leader in private, the progress made on the plan and revises the plan based on these conversations.  (To see when our next certifications are offered scroll down and click in the bottom box on this page Sign up for Upcoming Certifications in the U.S. to see the dates and locations).

If you are a coach outside of the United States please click this link to connect with one of our staff about certification outside the U.S.

Marshall Goldsmiths Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process takes the leadership change process much further, taking it outside the leaders office, and into his work environment with the leaders stakeholders. Stakeholders are in the best position to provide important and insightful suggestions for improvement and behavioral change on the job. In light of this, the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process includes a much stronger emphasis on follow up, implementation and reinforcement by involving a much wider network of people in a disciplined way than traditional coaching.  The Stakeholder Centered Coaching process delivers real value through the implementation of change that is sustained, recognized and acknowledged by stakeholders in the workplace.

Registering and attending one of the certification programs leads to gaining the skills to implement our unique brand of coaching. Once registered you will received an electronic copy of The Stakeholder Centered Coaching Playbook that lays out the process, and you will be provided with a self-paced online training to prepare you to attend the two-day certification. The actual certification for coaching individual leaders is a two-day training that focuses on skill practice to prepare you for coaching using the process. In addition there is a combined certification option that is a four-day training where you practice the skills for coaching both individual leaders (first two days) and teams (second two days) using the methodology.

Coaches can split up the certifications and do the two-day certification for coaching individual leaders first, and then at a later date come back and take the second half of the combined certification and do the tw0-day team certification.  Signing up for the Team Certification requires that a coach has already attended the two-day workshop and received certification in the process of coaching individual leaders before attending the team certification.

After completion of the training, participants are provided log-in and password to the website. Clicking on the following link will show how our coaches can use this website as another source of marketing themselves; and, gain access to a wealth of tools to assist your success as a Stakeholder Centered Coach.Where our coaches need it, they will receive 15 hours of credits for Core Competencies from the International Coach Federation (ICF);  and the same from ACEC (the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches that is part of the MEECO Institute).

Further levels of certification are awarded based on actual coaching of leaders through the process. In other words, this is a practice-based certification that awards higher levels of certification based on evidence of coaching leaders to achieve a positive change in behavior as measured by stakeholder perception (the Mini-Surveys).  As coaches complete six successful engagements they achieve Advanced Certification, and finally Master Certification is achieved after twelve successful engagements using to validate the change in perception of stakeholders.

The Stakeholder Centered Coach Certification is a comprehensive process to help both internal HR coaches, and external coaches, become skilled in a form of behavioral coaching employed by Marshall Goldsmith. Marshall is widely recognized as one of the worlds most gifted coaches. This process is built around seven coaching skills that are practiced through customized real world problems faced by leaders.The fee for attending this certification is $2500.00.In 2020 the fee for certification will increase to $3500 and will include the Stakeholder Centered Workflow Manual and Management Tools that are currently available for an additional charge.

The Principles that form the foundation for this methodology are:

Place attention on the Stakeholders: the center of attention here is neither the leader nor the coach. The major attention is on the Stakeholders who are affected by the behavior the leader is attempting to change

Emphasize Feedforward: these are future oriented suggestions for improvement

Change behavior and perception: it is not only necessary for a leader to change; it is also necessary for those people around the leader to see the change and believe the leader will not regress

How the belief set of successful people both helps & hinders improvement

The 7 Coaching Skills that facilitate positive behavioral change

Coaching the 7-Step Involving Stakeholder process

How to maintain momentum during the change process

How to sustain success and manage the transition out of the coaching assignment

Description of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching process, which summarizes the unique method of involving stakeholders in the change process

Introduction to the Coachs Playbook, provides the first chapter in The SCC Playbook: The Coachs Checklist which participants receive and gives a detailed account of how to coach a leader through the behavior change process involving stakeholders

Detailed AGENDA for 2 Day Workshop which provides the flow and content for the certification

2. TEAM Stakeholder Centered Coach Certification

In the four day Combined Certification participants complete the same two-day program for coaching individual leaders; and this is followed by another two-day certification for coaching entire teams.

Days Three and Four of the Combined Certification focuses on the additional skills needed by a coach to work with an entire team on the process.The fee for attending the Team Certification is $2500.00.In 2020 the fee for certification will increase to $3000.

The major differences in coaching an entire team in the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process include:

Working with the Team Sponsor (person to whom the Team Leader reports)

Planning the kick-off meeting with the Team Leader

Presenting the Stakeholder Centered Coaching Methodology to a team

Facilitating the team in choosing a shared team goal (if used in the process)

Working with team members who are stakeholders to each other

Conducting an After Action Review of the Mini-Survey Results with the team

The Team approach to Stakeholder Centered Coaching® is actually closer to the way Marshall Goldsmith himself coaches at the highest level in major corporations. He starts the process with a meeting that includes the leader he is coaching along with all this leaders stakeholders. In this meeting Marshall explains the process including how to be a good stakeholder. He also asks every stakeholder to choose a behavioral goal and relevant stakeholders. What happens is the leader he coaches improves and so do all the stakeholders. Obviously this creates a much bigger impact than coaching only one person. And, it can be a productive way for a coach to work and provide the organization with a cost-effective way to get many more leaders to improve.

Description of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching process, which summarizes the unique method of involving stakeholders in the change process

Introduction to the TEAM Coachs Playbook provides the first chapter in Team SCC Playbook: The Coachs Checklist which participants receive and gives a detailed account of how to coach a leader through the behavior change process involving stakeholders

Detailed AGENDA for the Team SCC Certification  which provides the flow and content for the certification

3. Real Mini-Survey Results & After-Action Reviews

Consistently working my plan has helped me be more conscious of my behavior and the behavior of other people.  The daily worksheet that Chris and I created keeps me focused.

I need to make more opportunities to follow up with people and ask if they have noticed a difference. In the past, this felt awkward to me and a little too staged.  Now, I have informed stakeholders to expect that I will do this, so I feel a little more at ease asking.

Stakeholders do notice hard work and appreciate it.  I felt good that people acknowledged it and also understand they are looking for more. Chriss ability to keep me focused. In addition, he  help me think issues through, be able to see the big picture and articulate it effectively.  Thanks Chris  Jack Clarksons mini survey and AAR

Another insight I have gotten from this is that I cannot be visible enough whether it be with the business, my peers, or my staff.  The more visible I am the easier things seem to go.  Also by using some of the communication skills I learned from my coach, Chris Coffey. I can deescalate situations more quickly to allow better rational discussion to get things resolved. I have worked hard to create an environment where people feel safe to express differing opinions and make suggestions.Gerard Iman mini survey and AAR

Changing my own behavior is not easy, especially when my day fills up with meetings and Im playing catch up but the coaching plan has become part of my thought process DNA and I know Ill carry with me. The coaching has been invaluable.  Thanks Chris and thanks to everyone who pushed me to do this.Jeff Breen mini survey and AAR

Although when I first started this program I had a negative attitude, at the present time, I realize that thanks to the firm and Chris coaching I was saved from a possible career setback and overall found the experience to be rewarding in many ways: a happier life, stronger relationships (both internallyand externally), better negotiating skills and more. I am committed to continue with this programs concepts and values because I believe in it and Ive seen the positive results for me and the firm. Jerry Rosy mini survey and AAR

I appreciated Chriss insights and reminders.  Often when I was frustrated and overwhelmed with the noise and attacks by some, Chris simplified the process of next steps and how we can achieve the most positive result.  He reminded me often to get clarity and to really be clear myself.  His validation of the process and the resulting changes I felt in me and my management was most beneficial and rewarding. Joan Becks mini survey and AAR

Chris was available when needed and on short notice, to help review specific situations and analyze how I performed or ways to improve throughout the last six months. He offered strong guidance on tough situations and provided honest feedback. Kerry Peters mini survey and AAR

Throughout this coaching process, Chris and I kept our weekly communication when we discuss the daily check list as well as other topics I encountered during this process.  Tom Lee mini survey and AAR

Thank you for selecting Stakeholder Centered Coach Certification based on the philosophy, principles and practices of Marshall Goldsmith.  Before registering, please complete the Application Form that gives us the information we need to serve your needs.  There are only a few simple questions to complete:

2-Day Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Certification

Six of our last eight individual certifications (both live and online) have sold out.

(SOLD OUT)  September 9 10, 2019 Onsite 2-Day Individual Certification at The Grand Hotel at Bridgeport, S.W. Portland, OR

December 2 3, 2019 Onsite 2-Day Individual Certification at WorkSocial, Jersey City, JC

March 3-42020 Onsite 2-Day Individual Certification at Hilton Garden Inn Marina Del Rey, Ca.

Price of certification workshops  will increase if purchased after Jan 1st 2020 to $3,000.

To reserve a seat for any of these program email Frank Wagner at coach. 503 819-9286

4 half-day ONLINE Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Certification

October 22 25, 2019 ONLINE 4 Consecutive Half Days Certification (9:00 a.m. 1 p.m. PST; 12:00 p.m. 4:00p.m. EST)

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4-Day Combined Individual & Team Coach Certification

December 2 5, 2019 Onsite 4-Day Combined Certification at WorkSocial, Jersey City, NJ

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2-Day TEAM Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Certification

For returning participants who have already been certified in coaching individual leaders, you may sign up for the second half of the Combined Certification (December 4-5 at WorkSocial in Jersey City, NJ) by using the PayPal button at the bottom of the page for the Team Certification


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6. After Action Reviews from Recently Certified Coaches

ONLINE: Aug 2019 After Action Assessments (PDF)

ON-SITE: Feb 2019 Wilmington, NC After Action Assessments (PDF)

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