Workday is the 1 ATS system used by Fortune 500 companies, narrowly beating Taleo.

Thats what we found after a review of the 476 Fortune 500 companies that show their applicant tracking system on their public-facing career sites.

22.6% of these Fortune 500 companies use Workday versus 22.4% that use Taleo.

Oracle is still the 1 ATS provider to the Fortune 500 when you add in Oracle HRMS, iRecruitment and Oracle Cloud (see the long table below). Oracle beats Workday 24% to 22.6% when you add in Oracles other software.

Note: Ongig is not a resource house. We are ajob description softwarecompany whose 2 main products areBranded Candidate ExperienceandText Analyzerand they integrate with top ATSs like those in this report. See our Methodology below for more details on how we compiled the numbers in this report. We were unable to identify an ATS for 24 (4.8%) of the companies.

The Top ATS Trends (Fortune 500) We Expect to Continue

Workday has momentum and we expect them to gain market share.

Oracle Recruiting Cloud should gain new clients.

New modern ATSs like Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters and Lever should gain market share as they go upmarket to attract larger enterprises.

Google Hire You might see Googles ATS product (Google Hire) on this list next year. For instance, Google Hire already scored Trimble (743 on the Fortune list) as a client.

Many large tech companies (Apple (called Apple Talent Point), Facebook, etc.) continue to use homegrown ATS software though they are exploring hybrid homegrown/off-the-shelf ATS software.

Ongig published a few Top ATS Software Reports over the years (thanks for reading!). Those lists focused on the top ATS software used by every U.S.-based employer we were familiar with.

Our earlier Top ATS lists got unwieldy and the s were sometimes funky because many ATS systems were free or super-cheap to use.

Thats why we focused this years report on the top ATS software used by Fortune 500 companies. We can safely say that the 476 companies we tracked are paying for the primary ATS we found them using.

Few lists like this are perfect. Heres our methodology:

The companies we examined are from theFortune 500(not the Fortune Global 500).

If a company used multiple ATS systems, we chose the one representing the U.S.-based jobs.

Some employers have multiple brands or business units using different ATS systems. In those cases, we counted only the umbrella corporate brands ATS.

Some employers use one ATS for corporate jobs and another for hourly/store jobs. In those cases, the tie-breaker goes to the ATS used for corporate jobs.

If the employer used one ATS company to list its jobs to apply to and then another to capture talent community, the tie-breaker went to the ATS linked to from the apply button on the job postings.

In one instance, we learned of a Fortune 500 company that is migrating from Taleo to Workday as we went to press. In that case, we confirmed this with the employer and credited Workday with the client.

We couldnt identify the ATS used by 24 (4.8%) of the Fortune 500 companies.

Ongigs mission is to transform your job descriptionsand weintegrate with top ATS systemsso its in our interest to follow how theyre doing.

For example, you can useText Analyzersoftware to remove bias from your job descriptions before you enter them into your ATS. And you can use OngigsCandidate Experience Softwareto make your ATS-generated job descriptions more sexy (with video, pics, chat, maps, walk scores and more).

Ongig also helps companies migrate to a new ATS, including if they acquired/merged with a company or are having a spin-off.

We like to stay on top of top ATS trends. We hope these ATS s are helpful to you.

July 18, 2019byRob KellyinApplicant Tracking System