Fortune Management is very adamant that our core difference is being a coach to our clients, not a consultant. We find out what the doctor or owner wants and help them achieve it. We firmly believe it is not our job to put our expectations on our clients. We hold our clients accountable for what they want and their actions and decisions that bring them closer to their ultimate vision.

This means implementing key practice management systems that address the five engines of the business or practice; sales/marketing, technology, clinical, organization, and financial, all focused around the practices vision. We make sure that the practice runs as an efficient, profitable business with or without the owner.

This means working on fulfilling the doctors vision for his business to achieve his vision for life. We help our clients act like a CEO and make educated, sophisticated business decisions that will advance them in their career. This could involve mergers and acquisitions, bringing on associates that are future business partners, adding multiple locations, real estate purchases, bringing in specialists to create a multi-speciality practice, remodeling their current facility to create their dream practice and so much more.

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