Some of the most well-known companies in the world use an Agile approach to improve their processes. IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, AT&T they all use an Agile approach.

Its because the current pace of tech innovation can change an industry quickly, or even revolutionize it.

Large companies that have been in business for decades often realize that they arent prepared to adapt just as quickly. So they begin to look for ways to respond to changes in the market.

An Agile approach is all about being able to work more collaboratively, to release something sooner, to get feedback faster.

It helps large companies to streamline their processes and respond when they see changes happening.

The reason these large companies want to streamline their processes isbecausetheyre large companies.

To get to that size, they have to create processes. They have to put systems in place.

That helps them scale and grow consistently, creating the massive company you see today.

Maybe there are too many forms to fill out to get anything done quickly.

Or maybe employees have to submit a request to group review and then wait for a committee to meet and get back to them. Those type of unnecessary or inefficient processes tend to be born as a company scales upwards.

In many cases, they have to get back to the basics in order to streamline their processes. Does someone really need to fill out a form and send it to a review team, or can they just send an email to the right person in the department?

Could they just walk down the hall and knock on a door instead?

We need to untrain people from those familiar, but inefficient, processes and systems.

We want to challenge them to think more creatively, to be innovative, to look for new ways to do things.

If those kinds of inefficient processes go on for too long, they can create silos where people do the same thing day in and day out for years.

They dont think outside of that box theyve been placed in.

I had something similar happen when I was working for a large corporation.

There came a point where I felt like I was actually losing my ability to think creatively, because it just wasnt necessary.

I was so used to following the systems and processes that were laid in front of me that when I found myself in a situation where I had to create something, I found myself staring at a blank computer screen with no idea where to even begin. I feared that I had lost my capacity for original, creative thought.

Just like you would exercise at a gym to stay physically fit, it is important to exercise your mind by finding inspiration and sources that trigger you to think differently to stay mentally sharp and creatively fit.

Engaging in industry conferences, talking to other people in the industry, listening to other people talk about ideas, and reading about new ideas can all help.

So how do corporations not only avoid creativity drain in their employees, but rather foster an environment for innovation? Part of that is providing an environment that encourages more of an entrepreneurial mindset. An environment where its safe to fail because trying new things is the only way to discover new innovative approaches. If you look at the smaller startup companies, theyre just out there doing whatever it takes. Theyre winging it and seeing what works.

Its in their nature to be innovative and Agile.

Now, larger companies cant really just wing it, but they do need to think more like entrepreneurs. They need to look for the most efficient ways to do things, and Agile is at the heart of that.

Some of my best work was with a vendor out of Ohio named Proteon. We were migrating a website to their platform and we asked them how long that usually took. They told us it was about a three to six-month process.

We didnt have six months. We didnt even have three.

What was the minimum viable product we could get out, and how quickly could we do it?

That led us to use an iterative approach to the website.

We got all the customer-facing features out in the first launch, and then we worked to migrate the entire backend content management system later. We were able to go live in two weeks, instead of the original three to six-month projection.

And thats the reason that so many Fortune 500 companies are using it to improve their processes. It allows them to work more efficiently and combat the negative aspects of scaling.

It brings them back to their entrepreneurial roots and helps them to adapt as markets change.

We publish creators. Why they make. How they see. What they do. Everyday is the creators perspectives. This is the corporate blog of @AMI.

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We publish creators. Why they make. How they see. What they do. Everyday is the creators perspectives. This is the corporate blog of @AMI.