Eco-Coachs clients range from Fortune 500 companies to independently-owned businesses and non-profit organizations.

Below are some of our past and current clients and client testimonials:

Busboys and Poets has always focused on creating a space where art, culture and politics collide. In 2006, we also began focusing on minimizing our impact on the environment, beginning with an assessment from Eco-Coach, which enabled us to create a baseline from which to move forward with our efforts. Since then, we have come a long way, purchasing 100% wind power, and becoming a B corporation, among many things. For us, environmentally sustainability practices are not only the right thing to do, theyve helped us attract a solid customer base and increase revenues and visibility. Eco-Coach provided an invaluable service by starting us in the process of greening our business and helping us further building a brand that speaks to our customers about issues they care about..

Intelsat is committed to providing education and programs that promote a green work environment. I want to express my sincere appreciation to everyone at Eco-Coach for designing such an outstanding outreach program. The Eco-Coach process helped me organize, quantify, and present sustainable value for my staff. From the very beginning, Eco-Coach consultants were attentive to my needs, answered my questions, and were very personable. What I enjoyed the most, however, was the creative process. I expressed my ideas, and within a very short period of time, my event was alive with color and personality. By focusing on educating the staff on going green, we have begun a process that will make a big difference. I believe Eco-Coach can help anyone to create a first class green education event or program..

N. Lumb,Manager, Facilities Operations and Maintenance, Intelsat

We found our experience as participants in the Eco-Coach eco-assessmenthighly valuable. The worksheets provided us with a systematized process for identifying best practices to apply in our leased space. The feedback and guidance provided was excellent and provided practical ideas to further green our operations. We intend to take the lessons learned and apply them across our entire organization.

SM. Adams,Division Head, Sustainability & Business Development, Washington Gas

As an organization that has been involved in sustainability practices for several years, we found that the depth and breadth of the eco-assessment and SBNOW Green Certification process pointed us to some additional areas we could focus on. We took those areas and new recommendations into consideration and used them to make decisions on enhancing our green practices.

K. Mowers, Special Projects Manager, Community IT Innovators

Working with Eco-Coach and specifically Anca and Aubrey was a great experience for Bull Run Golf Club as they guided us through the process of evaluating our environmental sustainability practices while making suggestion for improvement. The analysis was very detailed in nature, evaluating each departments current practices while always keeping an eye on eco-friendly improvement without losing sight of the effect any changes would have on our course conditions, customer experience and our ownerships bottom line. In fact, Eco-Coach was able to suggest significant savings in several areas with very little adverse impact on operations. It was eye opening to see how sound sustainability practices as suggested through Eco-Coachs expertise are well within reach at our golf course. Thank you Anca and Aubrey!

It was a pleasure working with the team at Eco-Coach. Goingthrough the eco-assessment process turned out to be a realeye-opener for many of us inthecompany. It resulted in our making someimmediate improvementsand strengthened our commitment towardsustainability.

As a member-based organization, Special Libraries Association (SLA) works to provide information managers and librarians with professional development opportunities that give them skills to help them become leaders.

The SLA members who participated in the Eco-Coach course were thrilled with the information on greening offices and they can now take those tips back to their employers and be the green champions for their organizations! Excellent Course!.

S. Suggs, Manager, Click U Live! and Career Services

Our firm sponsored an Eco-Coach Educational Session and the presentation validate the saying, Big things come in small packages. or more specifically, Big impact can come from a collection of small changes. Although there are some formidable huddles that our society faces in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emission and slowing and reversing global warming, its important to understand and implement the many small and easy changes in our daily routines and behavior that contribute to a healthier environment and lifestyle. Is there is one thing that the Eco-Coach educational session did, and did in an exceptional way, is to open the eyes of presentation attendees regarding the lifestyle changes that collectively can potentially have a huge impact on the future health of the environment. Eco-coachs educational session is hugely worthwhile!!