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Fortune Arterials story revolves around the male protagonist Kohei Hasekura, who transfers into a prestigious public school in the style of an English six-year school encompassing junior-high and high school students. The school is on an island named Tamatsu Island off-shore from mainland Japan, and the only way to get there is by boat. Soon after transferring, he discovers that one of the student in the class next door to his, Sendo Erika, is in fact a type of vampire.

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EditOpening Theme-kizunairo- by Lia (eps 1-11)

EditEnding Theme1: I miss you by Veil (eps 1-11)

There are few trends in anime that are as fallible as the visual novel adaptation, yet they continue to be made in the hope of finding the next Air, Kanon or Clannad. Unfortunately this means that the industry is littered with forgettable titles that have no other purpose than to serve as no brain entertainment for an audience that simply doesnt care anymore.

There is hope though, as every so often a series will appear that defies all expectations. Sadly, Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku (Red Promise) isnt one of them.

Based on the adult visual novel of almost the same name that was released in 2008 bydeveloper August, the series lays out a fairly stereotypical harem plot of boy transferring into prestigious school and girls immediately falling head over heels for his kind personality and slightly bumbling mannerisms. Oh, and the main heroine just happens to be a vampire.

Fortune Arterial does have a plot, but unsurprisingly its about as predictable as the sunrise for anyone whos ever watched a harem based show. The storyline is laid out in the typrical fashion of boy meets girl (or in this case, vampire), upon entering the school, then meets his long lost childhood friend(s) (also girls), then some other girl(s), etc. All the while some mysterious force keeps pushing the boy and the first female (lets call her Girl A since I cant be bothered remembering her name), together.

The problem with Fortune Arterial is actually twofold where the story is concerned, the primary one being that the show follows the harem format almost to the letter, with little in the way of innovation or deviation. There is never any assumption that the viewer is intelligent enough for deductive reasoning, and the only thing expected of them is to sit there, look at the pretty anime girls, and buy the merchandise afterwards.

The second problem is the fact the series is based on an adult visual novel, and theyre not really the best choice when it comes to deep, well written storylines or nicely developed characters. In fact, theyre so far down on the list of possibilities that one has to wonder how the hell they get chosen in the first place.

Theyre also as generic as they come where design is concerned.

Fortune Arterial is, if nothing else, a faithful representation of the visual novel, (at least in terms of how it looks), but thats not really saying much as the series would only be laudable if the show was at least decent in other areas (storyline, for example). The other downside to staying true to the original (at least in this case), is that there is an inherent lack of creativity, and it shows itself here in several visual ways.

Like so many other eroge, Fortune Arterial has some pretty decent animation, and while there are some issues with body position and timing, its probably on a par with many other shows of this type. The downside though, is that the anime is awash with big eyed characters of just about every moe stereotype youd care to name, and that includes the hapless lead male. The scenery is nice enough, but lacks any real flair that would set it apart from just about every other posh, western styled school in anime (there are a few after all).

Which, strangely enough, leads me on to the acting.

The seiyuu generally work well throughout the series, but the main issue with their performances is that they lack passion. The delivery of their lines can be wooden, and there are several occasions where it sounds like the actors and actresses would much rather be doing something else.

The rest of the aural department isnt really any better. The OP is a cheesy, boppy J-Pop track that is typical for this type of show. The ED is, as youve probably already guessed, a ballad that is meant to sound somewhat bittersweet, but instead comes off as cloying and unoriginal. The incidental music has some issues with timing and choreography, and there are some odd pieces that doesnt seem to match the mood of the scene.

As for the characters, if youve seen one harem show of this type then you pretty much know what to expect. The lead male isnt as bad as some I could name, but the girls are as stereotypical as they come, and to make matters worse their character types include a vampire and an amnesiac childhood friend (lets call her Girl B).

The story is driven by events rather than characters, mainly because the nature of the visual novel defines the plot format. Unfortunately this means that there is little in the way of actual character development as while events do occur over the course of the show, the characters basically remain the same from beginning to end.

That said, there were some mildly diverting moments dotted here and there, but not enough to warrant watching the show a second time.

Fortune Arterial is a strange anime that doesnt really feel comfortable with itself, never mind the viewing public. A major problem with the series, aside from all that inherent genericism, is that several aspects of the storyline have already been realised far better in other shows. Because of this, much of the plot seems derived rather than original, and there is little in the way of content to persuade the viewer that they wouldnt be better off watching something like Karin or Rosario + Vampire.

To its credit, the series does present some interesting situations, but like so many other titles it never fully realises or utilises them to their full potential.

The biggest problem with Fortune Arterial though, is that it represents just about everything that is wrong with the anime industry today. Studios like Zexcs seem more focused on catering to an almost non-existent market than they are on giving the majority of fans what they want, and the main reason for this is habit – historically their money has mainly come from selling merchandise to hardcore Japanese fans.

The sad part is that the repercussions of making a series like this are far more widespread than people may initially believe, and the shortfall in finances resolves itself through increased license fees and mark ups on the price of merchandise and DVDs.

Fortune Arterial isnt the worst show of its type, but its a long, long way from being the best. Then again, in a genre thats littered with the failed attempts at cracking the harem format, what else would you expect?

Even at first glance, Fortune Arterial seems… shakey… generic. Whoever said dont judge a book by its covers probably didnt look in the right book section because, indeed, Fortune Arterial is shakey and very generic. The experience of watching Fortune Arterial is comparable to eating rotten food (not that you would ever do it voluntarily)- the experience is horrible for the first half, then after eating it for a while your taste buds already dead so you feel that its passable. After you finish eating all the rotten food, you look back and ask yourself what the hell just happened? Not all of the episodes

were bad, just a majority of them – pointless episodes that you wonder why the hell are they showing me these things. In addition, the lolwtfBBQ ending really didnt do much to improve the standing of this anime in my eyes.

The story is my biggest problem with this anime. Simply put, the plot doesnt make sense. The story follows Kouhei after he transfers to a private academy. On the first day, he meets the Vice-president Erika, who strangely alienates him by suddenly stepping away from him. Later he learns that the both the prez and vp are vampires. I think, at this point, ok a generic vampire school one, Ill just put my hopes at that. Yet, surprisingly it fell even short of what low expectations I put onto it. For seriously the first half of the season, nothing happens. Take my word, absolutely nothing happened. They went shopping, talking, tea blah blah blah. Then for the second half of the season, it seems like the producers were smoking crack, trying to fit in everything into the remaining measly 6 episodes. This shows very faulty planning and poor organization. Certainly it would be wise to introduce the plot through the season, maybe even hinting at it for the first few seasons if they dont want to jump right into it, but none of that happened in the beginning. The characters kinda just shopped their asses away and then worked their asses off for the remaining episodes trying to do everything that was written. Truth be told, I skipped parts through the episodes in first half of the season because it bored me to the point where Id write English essay sometimes instead of watching it. And I didnt feel bad about it. The second major let down was when I become very interested in it starting at the 7th episode and it began to build suspense. I expected a stunning ending.. and all I got was a cheap generic one leaving myself to wonder wait.. what the fok happened in these 12 episodes?. Grr. the horrible plot makes me angry just by thinking about it. After 12 episodes, almost nothing happened and the things that did happen were relatively insignificant and beyond my care.

Art was probably the only thing that matters that significantly raised the score. The art is good, nothing exceptional, but pretty to look at and doesnt interfere with enjoyment of the story (albeit the meagerness of enjoyment). Besides, one of the characters in the end looked so much like Yami, so I found that pretty awesome.

ugh… characters. What can I say? Kouheis dense, retarded and probably a fallible species of those generic harem type males. It comes to the point where youre almost yelling at the screen asking how he could be any more oblivious. Oops shes screaming in pain and falls down, knocking over and breaking stuff… BUT she says shes ok with a pained expression… so SHE MUST BE OK :D. yeah thats how smart Kouhei is. Nevertheless, the producers had no problem portraying him to the level of goody2shoe that even Mary Sue would get annoyed at his actions. Youd hear the word Gomen about 5 times for every time you see something enjoyable. Besides Kouheis pathetic personality, I find that the majority of the characters werent too likable or significant. The manipulative and arrogant president, the overprotective secretary, the loud obnoxious loli… perhaps the other quiet loli was the only character that I didnt dislike. Whats more is that over 80% of the anime was simply the lazy president forcing Kouhei to join the student council and forcing him to plan events. After 7 episodes of Kouhei with papers around, typing and bowing to the store owners for their support in the next whatever event, one tends to get bored. Very anwhile the prez is trying to get Kouhei and Erika together all the time for some unknown reason revealed later. Nevertheless, nothing happens between those two. If you were hoping for a nice summer romance, well look for somewhere else. The lack of actual love in the plot sticks out like a sore thumb in the pile of we believe you youre important and not only I, the school needs you! cheesy crap.

After reading all these vehement criticism of Fortune Arterial that I wrote up until now, Id feel bad to simply leave it at that without explanations for improvements. There were some very good things about this anime: stirring scenes that incites emotion, suspense keeping the viewer watching, deep character developments, however, animes hardly ever succeed with just that. What let me down the most was the ending. I was so hooked on the series from episode 7-11 that I thought a good ending would amend for the crap first half of the season; yet, I was very disappointing by the ending and its inability to introduce something innovative. Not even at the standard of just generic, the ending reverted it so absolutely nothing important happened at all. If the producers ever make a second season, these are some aspects they should consider.

1) Better organization and connection of plot and events so they make sense

2) Cut the useless school scenes and focus on the actual plot. Many anime attempts to combine school and ulterior plot, but unfortunately few succeed at that ordeal.

3) Reduce the episodes spent on developing the history of characters that didnt play a single role in the actual plot.

I really hope that if another season comes out, it would be a season where the characters in it could actually feel proud being in it. Call me weird but I sometimes feel sorry for the anime characters being in an anime that was just skimmed through and thrown away. They unfairly carry the failure of the producers who made it.

Yes, of course I watched this because its bad. One must watch bad shows from time to time, otherwise good shows lose their worth. Of course I watched it so that I could bash on it afterwards, it is simply entertaining to me. You would be surprised to know that I almost dropped it around five times though, I had to battle myself every time to ensure that I could finish it!

I want to start out by saying that I feel sorry for Ono Daisuke, I know a job is a job and that everyones got to eat, but Id live off of porridge asmy three meals a day for a month rather than involve myself with something like this.

By no means is this anime in any way original. Fanboys of harem have seen it numerous times before. Since the vampire theme, unfortunately, is all the rage at the present time theyve decided to incorporate it in this schoolbook harem that Id frankly hoped they would stop producing for the sake of the anime industry. The vampire theme has become something so common that we dont really think its strange anymore, neither do the characters in the anime when they find out about the existence of vampires so its all good really. Therefore the vampire theme in this anime became a gimmick, it could just as well have been left out and the show would probably have been better for it (not really).

Characters, character interaction, script, screenplay, storyboard, art and animation were all sub par in this production. Being a harem characters especially were abominable, but really, noone should ever expect good characters in a harem. This anime could never have become good, the concept would never allow it, nor would the stellar production company Zexcs, which probably is the worst production company in the industry.

It has been a misfortune to have watched Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku.

Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku is a visual novel adaption that I thought really should have done better. The problem with this series is that it lacked uniqueness in anyway and it seems very generic

There actually is a plot is very lackluster and seems very generic. Our main protagonist Kouhei Hasekura has just transferred to a new school where he meets our heroine Erika Sendou, who falls for him immediately. He also gets reunited with his childhood friends and he soon finds out that Erika along with her brother are vampires. The problem with a plot like this is that its very generic and predictable. Ifyou watched so much as one harem in your life you would know what to expect. Theres really very little thats unique about it, sure they have the whole vampire plot but it really have much depth. Its a shame really because the part of the plot seemed interesting and overall would have made the series much better. Now I understand that the series is based off a visual novel and they are following the events but the producers could have tried to deviate a bit. The ending is also too good either it looks like something that they pulled out of their ass last minute because they couldnt think of anything.

I dont really pay attention to technical aspects but the art didnt really seem too special. It seems up to par with most anime today so I guess its not bad but nothing special either.

The sound is alright too. The opening sounds really good but I think thats because Lia is singing it. The ending is performed by Veil, who I actually never heard of but I would say they did a good job. The VAs all seemed to fit their roles well too.

The characters are generic too. They seem like the characters that you would find in any typical harem anime. The main protagonist, Kouhei Hasekura seems like the typical warmhearted lead. Theres hardly anything unique about him that separates him from other protagonists. The other characters are also very bland, we got our female lead who seems perfect but has a problem that she wants to deal with herself (well at least shes a vampire). Then we got the childhood friend who had amnesia and is responsible and helpful. We also got her lively and active sister. We also got a character who is really quiet and doesnt really have friends. These are typical personalities for characters from the typical harem. Also there is very little character development too. I wouldnt have really had a problem with the characters personalities if they had significant development, but they didnt. There are a few romantic interests that fly around but nothing ever comes of it.

This is a series I really wanted to enjoy but I couldnt because of its blandness. If it did go more in depth with its whole vampire thing maybe the series would have been good. But that was a big if that never happened. At this day and age, playing it safe doesnt cut it anymore. Thanks for Reading =)

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