A field is an area of grass, for example in a park or on a farm. A field is also an area of land on which a crop is grown.

N-COUNT;A sports field is an area of grass where sports are played.

He was the fastest thing I ever saw on a baseballfield…

N-COUNT;A field is an area of land or sea bed under which large amounts of a particular mineral have been found.

N-COUNT()A magnetic, gravitational, or electric field is the area in which that particular force is strong enough to have an effect.

Some people are worried that electromagnetic fields from electric power lines could increase the risk of cancer.

N-COUNT;;A particular field is a particular subject of study or type of activity.

Exciting artistic breakthroughs have recently occurred in the fields of painting, sculpture and architecture…

Each of the authors of the tapes is an expert in hisfield.

N-COUNT;;A field is an area of a computers memory or a program where data can be entered, edited, or stored.

Go to a site like Yahoo! Finance and enter AOL in the Get Quotesfield.

Going into the fourth lap, the two most broadly experienced riders led the

You use field to describe work or study that is done in a real, natural environment rather than in a theoretical way or in controlled conditions.

When we are fielding, the umpires keep looking at the ball.

He was later shown on television, fielding questions.

England intend fielding their strongest team in next months World Youth Championship.

In our absence the office gossips are probably having a

The zoo is doing major conservation work, both in captivity and in the

If you say that someone leads the field in a particular activity, you mean that they are better, more active, or more successful than everyone else who is involved in it.

When it comes to picking up awards they lead the