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We inspire and enable a better world through our scholarship and teaching about management and organizations.

Vice President and Program Chair: Quinetta Roberson, Villanova University

Academy of ManagementAnnals: The highest impact, peer-reviewed management journal!

Academy of ManagementAnnalsis an essential piece of the totality of the AOM portfolio of publications, and we are excited to be able to highlight the unique content which makes Annals the top journal in its field. You will see anumber of changestoAnnals, effective immediately, with the new edition ofAnnalsfor 2017, Volume 11. First, we have streamlined the AOM member online content experience by officially addingAnnalsto our internal journal content platform. Second, beginning with Volume 11, the Academy of Management will addAnnalsto the portfolio of our self-published titles, thus bringing to a close our relationship withAnnalsprevious publisher, Taylor & Francis. Third, we have also redesigned theAnnalsformatwe have brought it into alignment with our other journals with a new cover and paperback binding. And finally, beginning with Volume 11 (2017),Annalswill publish two issues per year, the first issue (Volume 11, Issue 1) in January 2017 followed by Volume 11, Issue 2 in August 2017. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come withAnnalsin the coming year!

Because of its origins as an invitation-only, once-per-year hardback volume, the question often arises regarding how to count anAnnalspublication on ones CV. We are often asked whether the articles are book chapters or journal articles, and whether they are peer-reviewed.

The answer is simple:Annalsarticles are peer-reviewed journal articles. But many schools and promotion and tenure committees are unaware of this.So spread the word!

Why the confusion?Volumes 1-8 of Annals were not peer reviewed. Beginning with Volume 9,Annalschanged its submission and review process from invited[more…]

Learn More:Call for Specialized Conference Proposals

In response to member appeals for additional professional development and scholarly exchange opportunities, we are pleased to announce the formal launch of ourAOM Specialized Conferences Initiative!

Our goal is simpleto provide aportfolio of conference offeringsthat allows members toconnect and engage throughout the year, virtually and in person, in varied locations that are reflective of the geographic dispersion of our international membership.

To reach this goal we invite you to propose an AOM face-to face or virtual conference (webinar).

To help you imagine your proposalweve identified several new conference models that fulfill our mission to connect people and ideas while also advancing our vision to inspire and enable a better world through our scholarship and teaching on management and organizations. They are:face-to-face conference modelsincluding:

AOM Professional Development Conferences

Learn more at:Call for Proposals: AOM Specialized Conferences

Our Vision:We inspire and enable a better world through our scholarship and teaching about management and organizations.

Our Mission:To build a vibrant and supportive community of scholars by markedly expanding opportunities to connect and explore ideas.

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