Hebei China Fortune Football Club (CFFC) was founded in January November 1st of the same year,CFFC promoted to the CSL as second.In 2017,CFFC ranked at fourth of CSL,it created the history of Hebei football.

Say anything face to face First appears Lang Zheng PK Yin Hongbo

HighlightsCSL round 14 CFFC 2-2 Guangzhou R&F

The pursuit of happiness Happy marriage for Yin Hongbo

CFFC always keep in mind the corporate social responsibility and aim to be the most influential football club in Asia.

Langfang Stadium covers a total area of 170 mu with a total construction area of 34,000 square meters,and can accommodate 30,000 spectators.

Winwinis based on Dragon (Chinese traditional mythology),strong belongingness and positive energy.with mighty and powerfull,also having the tipical adorable of mascots.