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This is an online version of the PowerFortunes,Fortune Telling Cardsand these predictions are based on the last of theThree Layoutsthat allow anEnquirerto learn if a specific wish or desire will be realised in the future. Hence, frame your questions in such a manner.

AnEnquirermay make three attempts, until the9Wish Card, is drawn. If the Wish Card is among the nine cards drawn, this wish will be realised in the future. The remaining eight cards in the layout, depict events that will occur in the future. The meanings of all the cards are to be read in conjunction with one another. The reading as a whole, will create a clear prediction of the immediate, to mid-term future of theEnquirer.

Get your own deck of thePowerFortunes Fortune Telling Cardsand use all three layouts, as your guide through lifes uncertainties.Remember, these card readings will not only predict your own future, but just like a real fortune teller, they will allow you to read the futures of others too. You will be pleasantly surprised by the accuracy you can achieve, when you use the cards for real.

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