Thomas J. Leonard is known as the founding father of professional life coaching.

He passed away suddenly on February 11th, 2003

Thomas big dream was that EVERYONE was a coach;

And that the very best of the best would be called to become Professional Coaches.

Founded, in 1992, Coach U the very first school for professional Life Coaches;

Life coaching then expanded into all of these variations: business coaching, executive coaching, leadership coaching, relationship coaching, health coaching and career coaching to name a few.

Founded, in 1994, the International Coach Federation, now the global standard for coaching certification with over 130 chapters worldwide.

Started, in 1998, , a virtual university offering a variety of classes delivered via conference call.

In 2000 he founded CoachVille with Dave Buck and it quickly became the largest on-line community of Coaches ever.

In 2001 he launched a BOLD vision for the Graduate School of Coaching a home study curriculum with 1,000 hours of recorded content. (That was a big project)

He was featured in over 200 media outlets includingNewsweek,Time,Fortune, NBC Nightly News,Los Angeles Times, andThe Times(London).

Wrote many personal and professional development programs, including: Personal Foundation, Toleration-Free, Clean Sweep, A Perfect Life, 28 Principles of Attraction, Personal Evolution.

Authored 5 coach-related books: Working Wisdom, The Portable Coach, Becoming a Coach, Simply Brilliant, and The Coaching Forms Book (6th edition).

He was featured in over 100 hours of commercially available audiotape sets demonstrating the techniques and processes of coaching.

Was the founder of the International Association of Certified Coaches.

Conducted hundreds of workshops and conferences for coaches.

Was the owner/publisher of EzineVille, a collection of 20 ezines with 2 million unique subscribers.

Thomas was single and traveled most of the year in his RV and worked out of his studio in Phoenix, AZ.

He was a former financial planner (20 years ago). He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He was featured in over 200 media outlets includingNewsweek,Time,Fortune, NBC Nightly News,Los Angeles Times, andThe Times(London).

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