is a once-in-a-generation type of person who really comes out and helps you. You can see this genuineness, this is very authentic, he is not here just to sell his course but he actually believes in you and the best thing about him is, he is open to sharing, he doesnt keep anything away, even during the Speak To A Fortune course we got access to all the materials that he had, he never withheld anything

I know Arfeen for almost 12 years now and the moment I heard he is doing the Speak To A Fortune program, I said I got to for it, because he is the man who is going to change my life and I know for sure, after attending this program he has definitely changed my life and the future that I see for myself is definitely going to be great.

I had been to The Secret Millionaire Blueprint seminar and I met

there, the trainer in me was a little active and i wanted to become something and I said this is a great opportunity and when he said that hes doing a Speak To A Fortune, I said thats fantastic and what I did was, I enrolled myself in fact there were a lot of people who said dont go for it, many of my friends said dont go for it and the same thing was happening with different couple of other participants also, but when I went for it today I feel it was the best decision i have ever taken in my life.

I tickle a number of courses with regards to public speaking and personality development but coming here to Arfeen Khans Train the Trainer felt a lot of different, believe me I have often seen people teaching us various aspects, but have they ever culminated into them to make you a powerful speaker? Have you seen them being powerful and inspiring? I have seen Arfeen telling people to do things their way not his way, and you still reach the route to success.

Im a life coach, a trainer for the last 20 years Ive been preaching pathway to success, pathway to health, pathway to happiness, but the time I really bloomed is when i did my course with train the trainer years and years with