Lynnette is a great listener first and foremost. She is most knowledgeable and if she doesnt know, she will find the information specific to your need(s) and respond back to you so she is a business woman of her word. The Money Coach team maximizes your time, so it is money well spent and a relationship well built. I recommend their resources to anyone who needs to get their financial home in order.

Lynnette is an amazing journalist, a talented money writer, and just an excellent person. Her expertise in the field of personal finance mixed perfectly with her awareness of current trends.

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox has gone from serious debt to financial freedom but didnt stop there. She knew that her personal experience was important enough to share with others and she continues to give on a daily basis. She is a role model for the dfree® Financial Freedom Movement.

Pastor DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., Founder of the dfree® Global Foundation, Inc.

Video: The 1 rule you need to know before you create a budget.

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