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Match and master mysterious and powerful jewels in this charming match-3 puzzler.

Match three or more jewels of the same color to remove them.

After matches, jewels above drop down to fill the empty spaces.

Matches of four or more jewels create power-ups.

Make sure to meet the level requirements to advance.

Welcome to Jewel Academy! The goal of every student is to achieve mastery over the mesmerizing powers stored within mysterious jewels. Can you unlock their secrets and journey to the end?

At the start of each level, pay close attention to the goal. The primary goal of most levels is to achieve a high score and earn one star before running out of moves. Higher levels have multiple goals, so play strategically.

Match like-colored jewels one move at a time. You can reposition any jewel vertically or horizontally, so long as it creates a match of three or more.

Once jewels have been matched, they disappear from the level. The jewels above shift down to fill the empty space.

After finishing a level, your score will be translated into stars that get added to your collection. Earn more stars to unlock gates and progress to harder levels.

You can create power-ups to help you achieve your goals faster, scoring additional points and removing more jewels than you can through regular matching alone.

Any four like-colored jewels in a row will form an arrow. Match the arrow with like-colored jewels to quickly clear an entire row or column.

The direction of the arrow is based on the direction of the move that created it. A horizontal match creates a horizontal arrow, while a vertical match creates a vertical arrow.

If you create a T- or L-shaped match of five or more like-colored jewels, youll create a bomb of that color. Match it with like-colored jewels to make it explode, taking out all the jewels surrounding it.

Creating a horizontal or vertical match of five or more like-colored jewels creates a Color Bomb, which looks like a rainbow inside a glass globe. Swap the Color Bomb with a jewel of any color to remove all jewels of that color from the game grid.

Power-ups can also be set off by other power-ups. Use this wisely to chain together bigger moves!

As you progress through the game, youll begin to be challenged by obstacles and unique objectives to complete levels.

Flowers are always pretty, but they take up grid spaces. To remove them, create a match next to a flower, either vertically or horizontally. They can also be removed by power-ups. Flowers first appear in level 9.

Wood pieces rest on the grid underneath jewels. When you make a match on top of a wood square, it gets damaged. When you make another match, it disappears. Some levels require you to clear all the wood to finish. Wood pieces first appear in Level 10.

Hidden treasures can be discovered underneath wood pieces. Completely uncover the treasure to collect it. Hidden treasures first appear in Level 181.

Vines entangle jewels, making it impossible to move them. You can move other jewels around them to create matches, though. You can also blast them away with power-ups. Vines first appear in Level 16.

Mushrooms can be removed by getting them to the bottom of the level. Make sure to clear the jewels below them to clear them from the level. Mushrooms first appear in Level 17.

Thorns are like flowers, but far more pesky. While they can be removed the same way as flowers, leaving them be causes them to multiply. They will keep growing until you eliminate them all! Thorns first appear in level 71.

Time Bombs pose a big threat. When a time bomb counts down to zero, the level is over. Take them out as fast as possible! Matching a Time Bomb with two or more jewels of the same color will remove them. Other power-ups will also remove them. Time Bombs first appear in level 86.

Cant find a match? Wait a few seconds, and the game will give you a hint. Jewels that can be matched will start to shake.If you can match four or five jewels, go for it! Its a great way to get yourself a power-up and blast away even more jewels.Pay close attention to level objectives and keep them in mind as you play. Sometimes an obvious move may make it harder to meet the objective. The target area on the left side of the screen is there to remind you of the goals.

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