The Wholesaling Boot camp this past weekend was phenomenal! Thank You FB for a very educational and inspiring event!! My partner and I met many other FB students in my state and we are going to form a group to encourage each other, grow together, maybe JV, and even develop accountability groups. We are looking

Every one of FB members-from seminar speakers to Jumpstart coaches and everyone in between have been nothing but positive re-enforcement of my desire to succeed. I myself coach water polo and want to give special shout out to my Jumpstart coach-Suzanne Lederer for encouraging me every single day and making impossible reachable. She has thought

Just would like to give a shout out to Dan Elmer for his dedication and immense knowledge in the fortune Builders system. Dan we are still using your advice on credit repair and building credit for our business. Thank you so much. Tonny & Cynthia

Having completed 2 years in the Mastery program, I have come to terms with understanding that anything in life does not work until you do so, that nothing changes until something changes and that success is often disguised as hard work. I have seen many individuals bash and label Fortune Builders as scam artists, as

Our goals for a long time have been to invest in real estate and achieve financial freedom to live the life we want to live. Since we joined Fortune Builders our goals are more defined and our vision has become more clear. I look forward to making many deals and being able to invest more

Just joined the fortune builders team in the jumpstart program last week and am very excited to get going and find my success!!

We recently went through the jump start program with an awesome coach (Jeff Stemmerman)!! We have no experience in whole sales/rehabing and our coach really shed some light on these areas for us. He was a big help and we truly appreciate his knowledge and professionalism .. Thanks Jeff and the Fourtune Builders family. We

I am diligently working and studying wholesaling, getting as much knowledge under my belt as I can to get a healthy jump forward in my career.

This is a email I sent to support and they asked if I would post it here. 🙂 Sorry to write to support, but I wanted to let everyone at FB office know how much the new TV rehab series has helped me. I knew nothing about fixing houses or being a handy man when

Awesome shout out to Jacqueline T the most positive, encouraging, enthusiastic, and funny coach at Fortune Builders. We have learned so much our brains are about to explode. Couldnt imagine starting this business without the guidance from the program. Ready to make some money and share our success!

I might have my first deal under contract from a local wholesaler in Sacramento. This lead was giving to me by my realtor. This is experience along have really shown me how important networking is in real estate.

We would like to give a shout out to Ammon, our coach, for an outstanding job being patient while we learn the basics of wholesaling. He explained and taught us how to analyze properties using the MAO formula and to be able to quickly form a decision whether to move forward with a deal or

FB gave me some great business ideas that Ive put to use, and within 4 weeks my first offer for a rehab is out, just waiting on acceptance. Thanks to Rob McIntosh for his coaching and helpful ideas over the last few weeks.

Huge shout out to our Coach Jeff Fallon. You rock, always there when we needed you. You motivated us to do our best, follow our dreams and reach our goals. To create higher goals for ourselves both personally and professionally. It was a great pleasure to finally get to meet you in person. Again thanks

Elisa so cool makes immersion worth it learned a lot today ready for tmrw…

We want to give a Shout out to our coach Mr. Mel Feller. He is AWESOME!!!! We looked forward to hearing from him weekly and we are fortunate enough to be able access him through email and know he will contact us back right away. We recently ended our 10 week session with him and

I just want to give a shout out to our coach, Mel Feller! I know all the coaches are great, but I think we got the cream of the crop when we got him. Whoever assigned him as our coach or if he volunteered… THANK YOU! On a scale of 1 to 10, he is

AND WERE OFF! ….to a great start. Got a call off of our bandit sign, built rapport with our seller, got our first offer accepted! A special shout out to Coach Rob McIntosh who helped us through so far by holding our hand every step of the way!

I am back home after spending four outstanding days in a Rehab Boot Camp. Before arriving Thursday to the summit I was ready to give up.Today Im sure all that there is to come will be easy, my struggles will be nothing compared to my success. I am so happy that I left myself experience

I just finished up my 8 week Jumpstart support with my coach Rob McInstosh and I have to say I have enjoyed our conversations and all the information and advice he was able give me. I feel like I have a good foundation to start with in order to get my business off the ground.

I just finished my final coaching session with coach Rob McIntosh. My experience with jumpstart and my coach has been amazing. I have learned so much up to this point, and I am excited to continue to learn. Coach Rob is full of great advice in regards to helping me get my business of the

I just finished my last jump start call with my awesome Fortune Builder coach, Rob McIntosh. His professional and relaxed demeanor allowed me to make important financial decisions with confidence. Before each step of the process, he told me what would happen and how to get through it. He explained situations thoroughly and gave me

I completed my Full Immersion training today. Elisa Stabile did an awesome job teaching us how to gain confidence in locating, evaluating, and making offers on properties. Elisa crushed it!! Our entire class crushed it!! We are all at a 10 for our commitment after this weekend.

This is a shout out to FortuneBuilders and to my coach Rob McIntosh! 10 minutes after my very first conversation with my coach, I picked up a property from my barber!! He was left this property free and clear and needs to sell in Cape Coral, FL. ARV is $125k, agreed sale price is $100k

We would like to give a shout out to Ben Eastman director of coaching and John. Great energy and so helpful getting us started with our mentor coach Mel Feller! We have been busy networking and working the systems. The support staff is very knowledgeable and very helpful if we get stuck on an area.

We received very insightful and helpful information and guidance throughout our Jumpstart curriculum. Of course the material and content we received and worked with, as well as the huge amount of resources on the website were awesome, but it was even better because we had a great coach. Ammon thank you for sharing your knowledge

Dave Augustine, just need to tell you how great it has been to have such a supportive coach during this Jumpstart period! Starting my first business became less stressful with your help and guidance, I looked forward to your support each week! I have started to implement systems in my business, met many other investors

From the start of the program through to the end, Jacquellene has been wonderful. It is a pleasure to talk with her, and she is professional and supportive. I am just setting up the company and I have gone through other programs, but this one is complete – focused – positive – and I just

I am giving a special Thanks and appreciation to Jeff Fallon my FB Inner Circle Coach. Jeff has be a great inspiration in my first year journy with real estate. He has given me his support, knowledge and encourgement to assist in fulfilling my real estate endeavors. It was confortting to know that someone had

We just finished our final Inner Circle coaching session last week with Jeff Fallon, and we want to express our most sincere thanks and overall appreciation for all of Jeffs help throughout our journey thus far. Jeffs ongoing support and expertise we know will continue to prove helpful as we continue to progress through building

For the past 25 years I have been involved in real estate investing. During that time, I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars buying courses from the big masters. But never in my 25 years of investing have I found anything as comprehensive as the Fortune Builders program. Fortune Builders took us to the

I want to give a shout out to Ammon I think he was a very knowledgeable coach and one to definitely make the information crystal clear or clear as mud as he would say, always made sure I understood the material when I had questions and has equipped me with the knowledge to succeed for

Hi every Im excited to be with all of you Im here to make everyone happy I love to help everyone I hope everyone have a blessed day

We just recently joined and are excited about this next adventure in our lives. We cant wait to post our success with the Fortune Builders Family.

I went to my first day of Immersion today feeling pretty confident that I can do this. Elisa Instilled into me an even Greater sense on Confidence. Showing us the first few steps to take in building our Business using these mind blowing systems set forth by Fortune Builders, learning things I had no idea

FB gave me the courage to inquire about how to get my plumbing apprenticeship so i will be able to earn more money so i will have more confidence in myself in order to do my real estate business. and actually you would not believe how hard this in itself was for me to do.

We just concluded our Jumpstart training with our coach Rob McIntosh. It was a wonderful experience of learning. Not only were we provided with all the written materials, videos, and internet materials we needed to learn the basics of wholesaleing properties, but Rob patiently provided excellent explanations and insight into his personal experience to go

I have been reading the course work and I am up to chapter 5 and love them.

I thank FB to guide me through the process of sound investment. I have registered with OREA to become a realtor and I also closed my first deal yesterday. I am very excited about this endeavour.

This Shout Out is for the best coach in the whole world, Jeff Fallon. During our year of coaching with him, He demonstrated extraordinary insight, wisdom, leadership, patients, and understanding. We believe that He is a tremendous asset to the FB community. We would love to continue to leverage Him in the future as we

Have first deal in escrow! ARV $140,000 Repairs $13,00 Purchase price $84,000 Great location in Austin. Great curb appeal, close to shopping, 1 mile to major freeway and 10 minutes to down town by bus. Thank you coach Rob Mc Intosh for all his help and knowledge. Would never of found the hard money lender

Today we had our first coaching session with our amazing coach, Mel Feller! We first met Mel in 2007, and were able to share the photo with him from that day through our correspondence (8 years later!). It was the perfect coincidence! We are so excited and grateful to have Mel as our coach, and

Dear Fortune Builders, We just completed our coaching with Aamon and really enjoyed our time together. He was very common sense and very matter of fact and challenged us when needed and praised us when needed. We hope that we can continue on this web site because were excited to put the wholesale system into

I want to Thank Jacquelline , my coach,, for helping me through the intensive 4 week program. She was so positive and upbeat . If there was something I didnt get complete on, she let me know this is a process we can do at our own pace. Then I would feel good about what

Since I join the Furtune builders jumpstart program as a jumpstart student more than a month ago, from zero knowledge of real estate to maybe now average know leg by my coach Mel Feller, attending the webinar, now I learn how to to find propertys , how to buy and sell, buy and hold, finding

Just wanted to give a shout out to my FB coach Ammon Brimhall. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with this very knowledgeable and motivational man can consider themselves very fortunate. He will take you through the steps of investing at your pace, if you truly understand a certain aspect, and can prove to

I wanted to give a huge shout out to Dave Augustine. He has been instrumental in my growth and success as an investor. Learning this business enough to be profitable has been a long process. However Dave has shortened that learning curve dramatically. I can honestly say Fortune Builders has given me the path and

I attended the Orange County Wholesaling BootCamp and brought my brother. We had a great experience. Thank you Ammon for being a great coach, you are awesome! Thank you Than for posing for a picture and putting on a great educational experience! Thank you to the entire Fortune Builders Staff!!

I had my last weekly Jumpstart call with my coach, Suzanne, tonight. Thanks so much to FortuneBuilders for providing such an amazing training on wholesaling! I learned SO much and could not have been assigned a better coach. Suzanne is awesome! Not only is she professional, enthusiastic, and motivating, but she really knows her stuff!!!

Yes I thoroughly enjoy talking with Gloria Brown Shes an awesome coach and has made me feel very comfortable talking her and she pushes me out of my comfort level which i like that in her

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