Who doesnt love Coffee? Who wouldnt want someone to just bring it to them? These are the questions Jonah Corey explores in his Ted Ed Talk – Coffee Car.

Jonah is a student at Fortune Academy. Jonah loves being active and experiencing new things. Public Speaking would never have been listed under likes for Jonah. But he had an idea he wanted to share so he created this talk.

The TED-Ed Clubs program supports students in discovering, exploring and presenting their big ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks. In TED-Ed Clubs, students work together to discuss and celebrate creative ideas. Club Leaders receive TED-Eds flexible curriculum to guide their Members in developing presentation literacy skills to help inspire tomorrows TED speakers and future leaders.

This presentation was completed by participating in a TED-Ed Club and produced independently of the TED Conferences. Only approved Club Leaders are able to upload TED-Ed Club presentations on behalf of their students. Check out /clubs if youre interested in starting a Club.

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