Fortune Kindergarten is an outstanding and original school. Since its establishing, the school has made multicul- turalism its philosophy and identity, developing an open, generous and multicultural school culture evident in its rich and diversified learning activities as well as in its school environment. The international, bilingual curriculum is designed to support the childrens overall development, fostering the childrens social skills, physical and emotional as well as cultural needs and at the same time offering a solid basis for further academic education: mathematical concepts, science, drama, language, music, artistic skills are all tar- geted through our curriculum. The multicultural school based curriculum promotes the childrens international mindedness encouraging them to care for the others, to value life and living environment.

Theme-related, school-based bilingual curriculum

70 teaching staff, qualified with experience of teaching young children

Art and craft, dance, Jelic (multi-intelligence training), roller skating, kids golf, karate, etc.

Location 2: Hongqiao Campus(international): 2151 lane 74-1 Lian Hua Road, Min Huang District

Location 3: Longyang Campus (local bilingual): 201 Dong Huan Long Road, Pudong

Location 4: Yaohua Campus(local bilingual): No.1 550 lane Yao Hua Road, Pudong

Tel: (+86 21) 5875 1212 (Dong Fang); 5458 0508 (Hongqiao); 5039 8797 (Longyang); 5880 3988 (Yaohua)

Fortune Hongqiao Kindergarten to Open Baby Class

Baby Class Opens at Fortune Kindergarten Hongqiao

Fortune Kindergarten Ready for a New School Year

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