Predict2Plan is a tool that provides detailed solutions for the myriad problems that you face in your life by:

This entire process of Predict2Plan from self discovery to planning is applicable to any person, irrespective of their age or religion, which makes this theory the most liberal, and eventually helps develop a certainty in your life.

Life Coach Nippun is a musician who creates and sings soulful music, a Finance professional with experience in Banking, Finance, IT, Startups to Senior Management roles.

Life Coach Nippun has been passionately practicing Human Counselling for more than 12 years. Having been acquainted with occult sciences from the age of thirteen, he has been studying several kinds of cosmological, astrological and religious systems and beliefs that exist in India and abroad.

To set up an appointment with Life Coach Nippun,fill up this form. You can also email on , or call +91-95999 09486.

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