The Preliminary Examination or the first hurdle in the civil services preparation is increasingly becoming unpredictable owing to changing patterns of questions. The decision by the Cabinet Committee in 2015 to make the CSAT paper qualifying has added further weightage and importance to the General Studies or GS paper. We at Fortune have adapted to the evolving scenario and developed a comprehensive strategy to reap success in the prelimimary examination,

The F4ortune Mains Only Programme is designed for those aspirants who have a sound base or background with the Prelims syllabus and topics. The Mains coaching Programme will be handled by the best faculty available in the State. The Mains coaching classes are structured in such a way that they build vertically on the foundation that the aspirant has already acquired during his/her preparation for the Prelims.

One of the most successful programmes at Fortune! The Prelims Cum Mains Programme envisages to prepare an aspirant for the 2 stages of the Examination in a full-fledged manner. When it comes to the Prelims and Mains Coaching Programme, apart from those mentioned in the Prelims Only and Mains Only Programmes, we bring up candidates who are completely new to the entire process through: