WA KITESURF ACADEMY islocally ownedand run which means we understandthewind conditions and possible hazards in Perth. We are on the water as soon as the Summer seabreeze kicks in just after mid day every windy day.

Weuse state of the art 2 way bluetooth radio helmet communication allowing you to talk to your instructorhands free even when your on the water so you always feel safe.We provide all equipment including wetsuits, helmets, harnesses, wetsuit boots, kites, bar and lines and lifejackets.

We are so confident that our spot attracts consistent windthat we implement our NO WINDNO CHARGE GUARANTEE. If there isnot enough windfor your lesson we will rebook itfree ofcharge for a time that suits you.

WA KITESURF ACADEMY employ only Internationally certified IKO or KAinstructors. We put astrongemphasis onsafety so that you can walk away from us feeling confident in your ability tokitesurf safely and the abilityto get yourself safely out of any stickysituationon the water.

In this lesson you will learn how to assess the wind conditions and how to set up your kite yourselfas well as getting a hands on introduction to flying akite.

In these two, two hour lessonsyou will develop your kite control skills and use the power of the kite to master body dragging both upwind and downwind.You will also learn how and when to self rescue as well aspracticing a self rescueinthe water. You will be independent to go in the water with your kite after completing this package.

Skills fromthe 2hour taster lesson and 4 hour learn the basics lessons

In these three, twohour lessonsyou will develop your kite control skills further and use the power of the kite to do your first water starts with the boardboth downwindand upwind.You will also learn how to change direction with the board. After completing these lessons you will be an independent riding kitesurfer.

Great experience. Had 3 lessons with WA kitesurf academy as a refresher course, and enjoyed all of them immensely.

With Jons teaching I was able to progress enough over the 3 lessons to feel comfortable kitesurfing on my own. Very safe and professional as well as extremely helpful when it came to advice on what kitesurfing gear to buy.

I had 4 lessons with John in 2 days. Had great fun and he did a great job in getting me acquinted with kiteboarding. Friendly and had all the right gear to ease into the sport. Will highly recommend.Thanks!

We had an amazing kite surfing lesson with Jon. Very nice and professional teacher with a lot of knowledge. Absolutely worth it!