As of the date of publication, women held 5.0 percent ofroles.

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

List of Fortune 500 computer software and information companies

Fortune 500 Companies 2018: Who Made the List.

Virginia M. Rometty Elected IBM President and CEO; Samuel J. Palmisano Continues as Chairman.

Lockheed Martin Board Elects Marillyn Hewson CEO & President And Member Of The Board.

Occidental Petroleum Names Vicki A. Hollub Chief Executive Officer Occidental Petroleum Corporation.

Hershey names 11-year vet Michele Buck to CEO post.

Mejia, Zameena (2018-05-21).Just 24 female CEOs lead the companies on the 2018 Fortune 500fewer than last year.

CMS Energy and Consumers Energy President and CEO John Russell to Retire; Patti Poppe Named President and CEO.

Business, Nathaniel Meyersohn, CNN.JCPenney names Jill Soltau as its new CEO.

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