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Join us on June 3, 2019 for the Class of 2019 Commencement Exercises.

This is the day we celebrate Israels birthday. Its the best day of the whole school year. Check it out and see if you agree…

As part of their studies of the founding of our country, 9th graders traveled to Philadelphia.

Students welcome Dr. Saltmarsh back in old time style.

The 6th grade girls gathered today for an important lesson in self-acceptance.

Mazel tov to the boys JV basketball team who took home the 2019 PVAC Championship Title!!

Kindergarten students were out enjoying the beautiful weather last week investigating the tiny tree buds and other signs of imminent spring when they found much more

Preschool students took advantage of the beautiful weather last week and had a special Rosh Chodesh sing-a-long.

Berman varsity basketball took on JDS last night in two exciting games. If you missed the action, or want to see again, check out the highlights and an interview with Ezra Beletskiy, courtesy of @CapitolHoops

Today is an exciting day for the Berman Hebrew Academy community. I am thrilled to announce that Mrs. Malka Popper will serve as the next principal for Bermans Upper School beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.

Mazel tov to the 3rd graders on their Rashi Celebration.

Mazel tov to the MS thespians on a terrific performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Mrs. Meenu Chopras 8th grade science class organized the Annual Science Exposition to showcase student projects ranging from physics to chemistry and from engineering to food science to robotics.

Mazel tov to Upper Schools HADAS on their terrific performance of This is Where We Came In.

A month after our return from Israel and we are still overwhelmed with the wonderful experience of traveling to Israel with all 211 students and 35 staff members.

The 5th graders invited our Lower School to a Colonial Fair where students had an opportunity to visit the shoemaker, print maker, wig maker and more.

Dr. John Melmed and Dr. Mayer Green joined Bermans Upper School Medical Club to show students the fundamentals of diagnostic ultrasound

Our 5th grade students had the great fortune of visiting Amazon headquarters in Virginia to participate in the Hour of Code.

More than 50 talented Chanukah musical performers visited the residents of the Arcola Rehab to spread some holiday cheer.

Featuring Licensed Psychologist Dr. Christina Brooks, Center for Anxiety & Behavioral Change, Rockville, MD.

Lower School students honored Veterans Day with a visit from Lieutenant Colonel Ngozi Wexler, an OB/GYN in the United States Air Force reserves and mother to four Berman students.

The Torah Mitzion Kollel hosted a special night of learning Halacha, Gemara, and Tanach.

Ms. Plazas 11th-grade AP class celebrated the fourth annual Hippie Day…

Dreaming of a world of inclusivity, Mrs. Wachutkas 6th grade English students designed and modeled ability-adjusted spaces.

Middle School students enjoyed an adventurous day at Sandy Springs Adventure Park in spite of the rain on Chol Hamoed.

Preschool students visited the Kelihat Pardes sukkah for a special sing-a-long with Rabbi Uri.

Its the time of year when our Upper School students are eagerly learning about the chagim.

Update about a transition in our school community…

Upper School students enjoyed two days at Capital Camps in Pennsylvania for their annual kickoff. Students participated in community building activities, games and learning. BermanFamily

400 guests joined in the fun to welcome our new Head of School, Rabbi Dr. Yossi Kastan, and his entire family.

Its the time of year when our Upper School students are eagerly learning about the chagim.

Preschool students got into the Rosh Hashanah spirit with a moving sing-a-long with Berman alum and musician Yoshi Fruchter.

Look at all of these happy faces at our Berman Buddy Brunch!

Were excited to welcome several new staff members for the 2018-2019 school year.

For anyone who works hard, the true prize is in the learning.

Our senior class and families enjoyed a delicious and beautiful brunch at school this week.

When older students show leadership and younger students take risks, everyone wins.

The twelve tribes of Jacob inspired twelve gorgeous challah covers, which were designed and sewed together by students in Mrs. Arzouans 3rd grade class.

Our students may be itching for summer break, but this week we sent our faculty and staff to camp!

Hey city officials, are you smarter than our sixth graders?

In preparation for Shavuot, our entire LS learned the same piece of Torah.

The entire PS had a blast at the zoo last week!

PS and LS students got up close to some of the mighty machines that make a major difference in our lives (including Dart, a police horse!).

Kindergarten students turned back the clock at their recent visited to Museum of Natural History.

Our Model UN students excelled at a recent Global Classrooms DC event at the State Department.

What could be better than great friends, food and games on Lag BaOmer?

Anyway you add it up, Berman Mathletes are at the top of their class!

A message from Dr. Levisohn and highlights from the programs.

Whether bowling, jumping in the ball pit or playing with architectural blocks, current and future preschoolers and their families got a taste of Berman this past Sunday.

March 14 (3/14) is our chance to celebrate math in a hands-on and delicious way in honor of Pi Day.

From history to hands-on experiences, our third graders showed a wide range of knowledge about the Cheyenne and Wamanoag Native American tribes in their recent presentations.

If you wanted to find out where paper comes from, what WOOD you do?

From the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall to the National Constitution Center, history came alive for our 9th graders during their annual Philadelphia trip.

Twelve Berman students, and many of their family members, shared their love and pride for Israel with lobbyists, politicians and others at this weeks AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC

Our amazing LS staff donated over 40 fun experiences for the recent Lower School teacher raffle.

AP Literature students were thrilled to see the Shakespeare Theater Company production of Hamlet, the play they are studying this year.

Congratulations once again to our awesome Model United Nations team for finishing in third place at Yeshiva Universitys Model UN conference.

Fruit treats, grass heads creatures, and more! The Berman community celebrated Tu BShevat with lots of memorable programs.

The Berman Mockletes dominated the courtroom for their mock trial matches last week.

From vegetables to chocolate, Mrs. Meenu Chopras 7th and 8th grade students are enjoying the wonderful flavors of science!

First they rose to the challenge of Torah, Avoda, and Chessed.

A hot chocolate will calm nerves and warm bellies! Ninth graders enjoy warm drinks and snacks between their midterm exams.

Order in the court of halacha! Rabbi Kosowskys 11th and 12th grade boys took turns being the litigants and the judges in a mock beit din recently.

At Berman, learning is not limited to students.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Science takes things apart to see how they work. Religion puts things together to see what they mean. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

On Chanukah, you could light your menorah the traditional way… or you could code a Bee-bot to do it for you!

Your $18=$75,000 for Berman! Click here to see how.

An asylum with a history of ghost stories was once considered cutting-edge treatment for those suffering from mental illness.

From putting on tefillin on a submarine, to soaring with the US Air Force Berman students were privileged to hear stories from veterans in commemoration of Veterans Day.

The terms community leaders and positive role models are two ways weve always described our students.

Imagine we are living the time of the third Temple…

It is an incredibly exciting time for the Berman Hebrew Academy community as we announce that Rabbi Dr. Yossi Kastan will become our next Head of School.

Eighth grade students are learning about the power of art to inspire social change.

Some say, A picture is worth a thousand words.

Mazel tov to Coby Melkin 18 and Ezra Einhorn 18 on qualifying as 2018 National Merit Program Semifinalists!

To make aliyah or not to make aliyah, that is the question…even in 538 BCE!

Theres no fancy footwork when it comes to cybersafety.

Did you know that honey is denser than corn syrup?

These amazing scores speak volumes about the incredible education here at Berman.

Berman Hebrew Academy is thrilled to welcome Rabbi Itiel Oron, his wife, Avital, and their three children as our new Rosh Kollel and Torah Mitzion Kollel family.

Berman Hebrew Academy is pleased to announce the expansion of our Upper School Student Support Team.

The Berman Hebrew Academy community is extremely grateful to the 2016-17 Torah Mitzion Kollel members for enriching our lives, nourishing our souls, and bringing us closer to Eretz Yisrael, Medinat Yisrael, and Torat Yisrael.

We are proud of our 2017 graduating class for their achievements and the ways in which they positively reflect the values of our school.

The smells of Shabbat, the wonders of Chumash, the power of STEMall these branches of great learning were on display during our LS Showcase night.

Mazel tov to our Helene Berman Seidenfeld Visual Arts Center students on their magnificent display.

Students donate their locks to Zichron Menachem.

Berman 8th graders welcomed three students from the now-famous Whitwell Middle School in Tennessee.

Hey city officials, are you smarter than our 6th graders?

Grandparents and special friends enjoyed the nachas of their grandchildren this past Friday.

Usually its the ice cream truck that attracts the biggest crowd at the Berman Annual Truck Day.

Sometimes to learn history, we need to sit up and listen.

It was bulls eye for 3rd grade students at their Native American Experience at Brookside Nature Center.

Guess what? We are merging our Facebook pages!

On Yom Hashoah, which took place yesterday, Berman students joined Jews around the world to commemorate the approximately six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

Families of 7th grade students travelled back in time last Tuesday evening when they visited the students Renaissance Village.

Our voices are even louder when we speak as one.

When Berman students graduate, they are ready to tackle the challenges of college and beyond.

Yasher koach to the middle school Odyssey of the Mind team, which won the Ranatra Fusca Creativity Award in their recent competition.

Yasher koach to current Berman students and alum, who pounded the pavement for a good cause and ran the Jerusalem Marathon in support of Shalva

On March 19, the Berman Hebrew Academy community came together to put up a new playground!

Tuesdays Cheryl Stern Professional Day presented not only an opportunity for the faculty to connect, plan and assess how their students are doing mid-year, it was also a time to remember a woman who was dear to many across the school community.

The entire Rabbi Moshe H. Levinson Upper School wrestled with an ethical-religious dilemma in their Talmud/Rabbinics classes that created a buzz and an energy around their Judaics learning that was truly inspiring.

Bermans SAT and ACT scores are higher than the top public schools and Jewish day schools in Maryland.

Bermans Upper School student body beautifully executed the 2nd annual student Dinner of Possibilities.

This morning, the boys and girls varsity teams boarded the bus to the airport for this weekends Maimonides School Invitational Basketball Tournament in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Mazel tov to seniors Pazit Rabinowitz, Aliza Mintz and Noa Ferziger on being named National Merit Commended Students.

Berman Upper School students have once again demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence through the recently announced AP Scholar awards.

We are excited to share the newly released annual report which highlights our communitys accomplishments in 2015-2016.

Mazel tov to Elyana Schwartz for receiving recognition as a 2016 Wendys High School Heisman Scholarship recipient.

The Lower School is off to a great start with a new language arts curriculum, Scott Foresmans Reading Street.

Each person brings their own special background, strengths and attributes, but more than anything else, they share a passion for children and a belief in their unlimited potential.

The class of 1996 gathered for their 20th year reunion- not only physically, but also virtually.

Several hundred campers are calling Berman home this summer, which keeps our hallways full of activity and brings much needed external revenue.

Aliza Mintz, 17, is one of those artistic people who make those who are less creative wonder how in the world she came up with her ideas.

Twenty rising 8th-10th graders spent the week of July 18th studying Torah li-shma- just for the sake of Torah!

Mazel tov to the Boys Varsity Volleyball team (14-0) for winning the 2016 ISBVL championship.

We are very excited to announce the hiring of Mrs. Beth Schoen as our new Director of Educational Support in our Middle and Upper Schools.

Mazel tov to our Middle School students for advancing to the State competition in MATHCOUNTS!

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 for their terrific acceptances to colleges, yeshivot and seminaries!

We are excited to announce the hiring of Ms. Dana Ponsky as our new Director of College Counseling.

Mazel tov to our Model UN team on being named the 1st Runner-up for Best Delegation Award in the 2016 Yeshiva University National Model United Nations conference in Stamford, Connecticut.

Mazel tov to Leor Fishman (16) and Daniel Schopf (16) on qualifying as 2016 National Merit Program Finalists!

Mazel tov to the boys JV basketball team on winning the PVAC championship last night!

Every senior spends the early winter eagerly awaiting news from Israeli yeshivot and seminaries and American colleges and universities.

Mazel tov to the winners of this years Purim card contest.

The parent organization of the Berman Torah Mitzion Kollel has been honored with an exciting award

Mazel tov to the terrific senior girls of the class of 2016 on their acceptances to some of the best and most selective Israel programs available:

Berman students are once again participating in Yeshiva Universitys Bronka Weinbtraub High School Bekiut program this year. Students learn either a daf a week or an amud a week from Masechet Makkot from high schools throughout the country.

Mazel tov to class of 2016 students Amitai Diament, Asher Fink, Natan Kelsey, Nadiv Panitch, and Reena Wasserstein on being named Commended Students in the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program.

Congratulations to Leor Fishman and Daniel Schopf on qualifying as National Merit Program Semifinalists, an honor awarded to less than 1% of the states high school seniors.

Romance, intrigue, mistaken identities and defining true priorities were some of the themes of this falls HADAS production, The Matchmaker. The students looked great and acted beautifully.

Berman is one of the leading green power schools in the United States. Ranked 24 for green power use in K-12 schools across the nation, 84% of all Berman energy comes from wind and solar, approximately 1,200,000 KwH per year!

We are delighted to welcome several new teachers to the Berman Hebrew Academy Family. Learn more about them.

Congratulations to Rabbi Avi Levitt, Principal of the Rabbi Moshe H. Levinson Upper School, who has been selected as a University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award winner.

At Berman we appreciate the many hours of service our volunteers dedicate to the school. In recognition of some of our outstanding volunteers, we presented the Maxine Kronish Snyder Volunteerism Awards at our 2015 Annual Meeting.

Go Navy, White & Orange! Our new school colors and logo reflect our enthusiasm at being the Modern Orthodox Day School of the Nations Capital. Our new logo represents the strongly Jewish identity of our modern Orthodox school.

Many of our faculty took advantage of the summer block of time to continue learning, growing their professional capacity to better service our students.

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