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Today, we bring you more promising news from the MCCA: 47 minorities now serve as GCs at

Minority GCs at Fortune 500s reaches new high

When Malcolm Lazin and his Philadelphia-based gay rights group Equality Forum launched the

Companies that embrace equality: in 2006 a record number of Fortune 500 companies are offering benefits and protections to their LGBT employees. The Advocate highlights 10 additions to its ever-growing list of equality-minded employers

corporate revenues per employee in 2002 was $200,000.

Making HR a profit center: current technological advancements make it possible for human resource departments to play a strategic role in managing a companys key assets, its people. (Human Resources)

manufacturing companies have separate career Web sites.

an organization composed of many top black executives in

companies are women, according to a study released Wednesday.


on Disk includes descriptions of key business activities; complete two-year financial statements; five-year summaries of sales, new income and EPS; annual financial ratios and listing of subsidiaries.

contact information was secured for all 488 corporations that were included in the

A survey of Fortune 500 corporate policies concerning the psychiatrically handicapped

Social CEO Index, which was created to investigate the social media habits of leading CEOs, also found that while CEOs lagged far behind the general population in terms of overall social media participation, they are more active on one social network–LinkedIn–than the general public.

Fortune 500 CEOs Are Shunning Social Media Says New Study by Domo and m

The data were compiled by the Equality Forum, which in 2003 began contacting

companies that did not include such language in their written policies.

Welcoming workplaces: in 2005 a record number of Fortune 500 companies are offering protections to gay and lesbian workers and their spouses. Here are 10 shining examples of the best employers


Fortune Hunter (The Price is Right pricing game)

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