Facts about Hither Mann and find out if Fortune Academy is a Scam

A woman going by the name of Hither Mann came to the attention of lots of traders when an article was published on a website called RealBusiness on July 12th 2017. The irony of a company going by the name of Real Business publishing an article about her will become apparent as you read this page.

On this page you will find a review of her claims and business activities.All that is shared are facts.You are free to make up your own mind on the woman.

You have probably reached this page because you already know who she is. You can find her pushing her wares on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, just search for her. The truth has to be known about her because she charges people who fall for it thousands of pounds and they need to find out the truth. She also continues to try and sucker in other companies to work with her and its important they know the truth to avoid associating themselves with her.

An article was published online by RealBusiness on July 12th 2017 in which Hither Mann claimed to be a financial trading sensation and had a 200m fortune. Possibly the best one of all was, Mann quickly started earning 40,000 per property three times a week. Immediately this spiked the interest of the trading community and the article was shared predominantly among traders all widely ridiculing her on social media. You can find the full article here:

Her name didnt show up in at Companies House and there wasnt a shred of evidence about her claims. With someone claiming such success at such a young age there will inevitably be a paper trail, that wasnt the case. Something was clearly not right.

Hither had been around before the article was published on July 12th 2017. According to her Fortune Academy website the company ran its first event on December 10th 2016. Before that she ran a course called The Only Way is Forex, (thats not a joke, as of February 27th 2018 its still her email address on Facebook, see thisscreenshot) . She had also worked with a controversial individual called John Lee, who ran a program called Forex Wealth Dragons. You can read more about thathere, in which a section about Hither is written.

There was other information online such as thisQuorapost about Hither Mann and her activities. Which she replied to, digging herself further into a hole. We will get into that further down the page, as well as other evidence of her lies. Despite all the information online there still wasnt the smoking gun that was needed to finally clear things up once and for all.

The smoking gun came to light on 29th of December 2017. Hither has been listed as a director of lots of different companies over the years. The reason this hadnt came to light immediately was because it wasnt known that her actual full name is Hirthaeprit Kaur Mann. All of the companies shes been a part of have submitted accounts to Companies House showing very low figures. All are micro-accounts. No sign of those gigantic numbers she claims to have earned, not even remotely close.And thenone of those companies went into liquidationwith the evidence for all to see.

The company was called Vinco Investments Limited (company number 05291075). On the 29th of December 2017 the Return of final meeting was submitted to Companies House with the smoking gun that finally rumbles her once and for all.

the director was found to have paid herself and her husband the sum of 19,000 in part-settlement of their outstanding loans inthe month prior to liquidation. Premier Legal & Insolvency was instructed to act on behalf of the Liquidator in this matter. A settlement of 4,000 was agreed in this regardtaking into account the directors financial circumstances and the likely cost of legal proceedings.

In a nutshell she paid herself money she shouldnt have, knowing the company was about to be liquidated. When a company director does this sort of act, the liquidator has to recover the cash and will then decide how assets within the company are distributed. As it states, the directors financial circumstances meant recovering the cash wasnt possible and taking legal action against her wouldnt have been worthwhile due to the cost.

Why was the company liquidated in the first place? Because it owed 28,801 to HMRC and couldnt pay it. If you wish to view all the documents and read everything yourself here is the Companies House page:

In there you will find all the companies historical accounts and the full process of the liquidation.

Other companies Hirthaeprit Kaur Mann has been involved with.

On her Fortune Academy website the Privacy Policy lists the company Divinita Investments Ltd as the company behind the service. Hither was previously a director of the company but on 23rd of October 2017 Companies House received notice she was no longer a director. Instead someone going by the name of Mr Ranjit Mann was the director. Given the same surname its a high probability they are related. Hither is still very much the face of the business though.

That isnt the only company Hither has been listed as a director of. Here is the full list.

However, curiously, she resigned as a director from all of them except Kastrum Limited. But that company appears to be different because the other directors of Kastrum arent linked to any of the other companies. She resigned as a director of the all the other companies on the same day, 23rd of October 2017.

All the accounts submitted to Companies House by all of those different companies have been checked, and you guessed, no sign of that 200million. Not even remotely close. On the plus side, so far there hasnt been any more liquidators declare her so skint she cant give back money she owes.

As was said at the top of this page, you are going to have to make your mind up about this woman. Youve seen the proof about her finances. If thats not enough then lets look at some other bits.

They are such a professional company that even in their Privacy Policy they spell their own name wrong.

She has photos of her with a fast car on Twitter! That must be proof right. She covers up her number plate in all the photos. Why? Im sure some would cry privacy! as the reason. Which is complete jibberish. There are YouTubers who run car channels with millions of viewers and use their own personal cars and dont hide the numberplate. Why does she do it? Because anybody can pay 3 for a report on a car which will give details of the owner and how it was financed. Either the car is purchased for her or she has it on a rental/lease. So shes blurs the numberplate so she can keep up the lies. And lets not even get started on her supposed house. All of the companies above which she has been listed as a director all use small residential properties in the Coventry area. Her house address is listed on the liquidation forms as well, fair to say it doesnt quite match up to what she shows you on Twitter.

Although this page reviewing her business activities and fake claims, its also important to judge a person on a personal level when doing business with them. Ill leave a screenshot of this tweet here where she talks about sexuality and people who are a waste of species.

Its not only her social media activity that is comical. She has a YouTube channel that you could be forgiven for thinking is a spoof. Here is a screenshot of one of her videos. Considering this is a woman who claims to be a trading sensation who has amassed a fortune of 200m, look at how hilarious her old computers are. Any professional trader looking at this will be crying with laughter right now.

As you can see from the video she has conveniently not allowed the world to see how many likes and dislikes the video has. Hmmm wonder why. Her videos are hilarious, she literally doesnt have a clue what she is talking about half the time, its so disingenuous, transparent and fake, if you cant see it from a mile off then you need to wake up.

Further up this page a Quora page was mentioned, on that page a guy who went to one of the Fortune Academy events gave some information. Here is thelink. Eventually it also received a reply from Hither Mann herself, which was pure gold! Much like a politician would do, she did exactly as you would expect and went on the attack. When the Real Business article came out and tweeters were ridiculing her was her response to give the world proof, noshe blocked them,when someone on Quora shares their experience does she give proof of her success (no a photo of a car is not proof)? No she doesnt. What she did was dig deeper.

In the first paragraph she inevitably says to the guy your keyboard warrior habits. Funny how when someone tells the truth they are now a keyboard warrior isnt it. Thats the easiest thing she could have said, and she did, an excellent own goal there.

She also says The price of the investment is also inaccurate so thank you for sharing the random information. There is different information out there from people, but one thing is clear its all in the thousands of pounds. It is in the thousands of pounds + VAT. But as we saw from the liquidation she previously couldnt afford to pay the 28K VAT she owed the British Government, funny that.

In her third paragraph she says As for the claim to no company information on the website, perhaps you failed to read the privacy policy that is on the website. At the time of the guy posting the Quora post he was correct, there was no company information. I didnt take a screenshot at the time but thankfully, the Wayback Machine allows that to be proven as well. Here is the link you need:

Its from June 29th 2017 and you will see there is no privacy policy or company information available. It was added a lot later, conveniently after the Quora question had arisen. Once againHITHERS LIES PROVEN.Should the Wayback Machine page ever disappear (because domain owners can request pages be deleted by ) a copy of it has been saved so should she attempt to hide her lies yet again that can uploaded here.

In her fourth paragraph she then talks about the FCA. She is correct, there are marketing limitations. But she has stated that good students will be given her own money to trade (we already know she doesnt have any money as proven so its hilarious in the first place). If you view the link above from the Wayback Machine you will see on the page where says putting her own money into their hands after they learn the strategies she teaches. If you give somebody else your money to trade then you have to be on theFCA register. Surprise surprise, she isnt on it. Neither are any of her companies.

Her last paragraph in the Quora post is simply about Google results, hopefully this page will eventually show up in those.

Want to play a part in spreading the word about how Hither desperately withdrew money from a company about to go into liquidation and then couldnt afford to give back what she owed? You can leave negative reviews in google, on her facebook, tweet her, post in forums, do whatever you want. Any help getting the word out and getting this page shared will help others avoid her trap.

A report on her husbands actions in all of this has also beenpublished. He has a part to play in all of this.

You would hope by now at her age she would have learnt to be an ethical person and not tell lies. Clearly she likes to keep digging. So lets keep the truth out there. If you want to learn about forex and want to be successful then do it properly, dont hand cash to some snake oil salesman (or snake oil salesperson to be politically correct). If you are ever concerned someone is a scam then dont hand a penny over.

If this article helps put pressure on companies suckered in by her and helps just one person avoid handing over cash then that is a success. Hopefully lots of people find this page and learn about her.

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