Executive masters programs are an excellent investment in your career but few emphasize technology and data like the Executive MBA at Stevens.

Like most EMBA programs, Stevens offers a careful work-life balance for aspiring leaders, with courses meeting on alternating Saturdays. And you move through the program with the same group of professionals, giving you an incredibly powerful network and enriching classroom discussions with perspectives from a variety of industries.

The Stevens EMBA, though, recognizes that executive-level courses must offer a strong technology perspective to be relevant in a fast-changing world. Here, courses in marketing, finance, strategy and operations emphasize the use of analytical tools that are changing how decisions are made in these disciplines. Faculty teach you to approach problems like a nimble entrepreneur, and use emerging technologies to become an innovator who brings greater sophistication and efficiency to the enterprise.

For those who aspire to lead, its not enough to hire the right data scientists to support decision-making. You must be able to confidently challenge those conclusions, recommend new tools and get your hands dirty with the data in evaluating strategic opportunities.

A minimum of five years work experience is required to enroll in the weekend executive program. However, the average student has been working for at least a decade, so youll not only learn from your professors and case studies, but from your peers, whose corporate experience will challenge your assumptions about technology and leadership.

High-level classroom discussion emphasizes the use of advanced techniques in meeting new, tech-driven challenges, so what you learn Saturday, youll use Monday. Youll also apply what youve learned outside the classroom, with a leadership development retreat and a business immersion in a foreign country rounding out your experience.

The unique blend of technology, analytics and leadership training in the Executive MBA program prepares alumni to seek promotions and lead high-profile projects that span the enterprise.

Diana Leahy has climbed the ranks at Verisk Analytics, but saw the Stevens EMBA as a fast track to future advancement.

As a COO at Bloomberg, Dan has seen firsthand how change has become something more than constant at work.

Tech replaced Sean Whalens first career, a key reason he chose Stevens to help climb the ladder at Western Union.

Gagen says strategy courses at Stevens gave him new perspectives on business at Horizon and on his own career.

Students in management programs at Stevens learn from researchers whose work is transforming how companies build strategies and compete in the digital age.

Dr. Aronson researches the behavioral aspects of innovation and technology management, especially the role of leaders on successful project teams.

Dr. Chen is a recognized expert in entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy, especially as those areas relate to change.

Dr. Dominick is an authority in leadership development whose insights have guided talent management at some of the worlds most respected companies.

Dr. Holahans work in innovation adoption and organizational behavior, especially in healthcare, has been published in top journals.

An expert in front-end innovation, Dr. Koen developed and runs FEI, one of the worlds largest conferences on innovation.

Dr. Lechler is an expert in entrepreneurship, especially how innovation creates economic value.

Dr. Lombardis work in healthcare strategy and leadership has influenced policy at medical systems across the country.

Dr. Lynn studies product development and entrepreneurship, and has directed research programs on technical innovation and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Mithanis research examines the individual, group and technology-level changes associated with corporate performance.

Dr. Murphys research into strategic decision-making processes is closely aligned with the study of organizational behavior and technology management.

The biggest difference from my undergrad studies is the element of teamwork, which has has been essential in class and is definitely more adaptive to real life and the workplace.

Because of the classes Ive taken, I can think about the whole solution the technology available, the resources available to fix the problem, how we can work with them.

Prahal Viswanathan EMBA 15; manufacturing systems manager, Savantes Group

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A premier, private research university just minutes from New York City with an incredible view and exceptional access to opportunity

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A premier, private research university just minutes from New York City with an incredible view and exceptional access to opportunity

A premier, private research university just minutes from New York City with an incredible view and exceptional access to opportunity