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Get paid to earn your associates degree and land a job.Yes, you read that right! The Nucor Technical Academy is a unique program designed to launch successful Nucor careers by providingFREEtuition and housing for motivated, qualified candidates whoGET PAIDto go to class.

Our program provides education and hands-on training without the typical financial burdens of going to school.

Tuition and fees are completely covered by the program (3.0 GPA required)

Housing is provided for students living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Nucor provides travel allowances for moves between Tuscaloosa and your home mill

Graduates become part of the Nucor team with competitive full-time pay and benefits

Nucor will pay you for the hours you attend class.

Move into a maintenance position with highly competitive pay and benefits.

Enroll in the course curriculum through Shelton State

Relocate to Tuscaloosa, in coordination with Nucor

Work/get hands-on training at Nucor Tuscaloosa (during semesters)

Work/get hands-on training at a sponsoring Nucor division (summers and winter break)

Be offered an entry level Maintenance Position

Have an opportunity for a career with a Fortune 200 company

IncludeStudent Information Sheetwith Nucor application

Include chronological resume with Nucor application

Include transcript with SAT/ACT with Nucor application

Take Willingness Survey during Nucor application