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Webinar Contact Center Supervisor Dream Team: End the Agent Turnover Nightmare

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Call Center Supervisor Training and Community

The industrys first and only blended and virtual learning system for rapid skill development that contains a Community of Practice (CoP), boot camps, industry insight webinars, micro-learning, elearning and virtual coaching for emerging and existing contact center supervisors.

This is built for todays day and age. Nobody wants to sit through Lecture Series 101.

Theres nothing else out there that addresses how to take a successful agent and develop them into a successful supervisor until now.

Ive seen nothing like this in this industry, this is exactly what weve been needing.

If youre a supervisor or emerging frontline leader, then the Call Center Coach Academy is for you. With millions of contact center center frontline leaders worldwide, Call Center Coach is the only supervisor only elearning and community on the planet Earth! Enroll today and get access to the Supervisor Success Path , productivity tools, agent feedback and career path tools, and network with fellow members to discover whats actually helping frontline leaders to move forward faster.

Need to develop the skills in your supervisors or emerging frontline leaders?Call Center Coach provides a proven success path that improves their skills, which leads to higher individual and agent performance. As the only exclusively for supervisors elearning and peer-driven community your supervisors get access to tools and perspectives thats impossible for you to provide internally. You know they need external experiences and support to bring new perspectives into your contact center, and we enable it.

the only virtual call center learning and peer community

exclusively for supervisors and emerging leaders.

No more information overload and coaching void. No more wasted money, time, or effort. Just results.

Contact Centers Stream Past Virtual Agents to Virtual Presence

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We arent journalists, researchers or never-been-on-the-frontline pretenders. Weve been in-the-trenches doers who despise being told how to lead the frontline from people who have never been there. If that sounds appealing, then welcome! Youve found your home.

Contact Centers Stream Past Virtual Agents to Virtual Presence

Tear Apart and Put Together Your New Contact Center

Two Factors Make It Easy for Contact Center Chat

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