is a ranking of the top 500corporationsinIndiacompiled on the basis of latest sales and gross revenue figures. The list is published annually byis Fortunes sixth international edition following local editions for China, Turkey, Korea, Indonesia as well as a special edition for Greece.

Fortune India is published monthly inEnglish, through a licence agreement betweenTime Inc., the publisher of Fortune (US) andKolkata-basedABP Group, one of Indias largest media companies.45The first issue of Fortune India was published in September 2010 with Dibyendra Nath Mukerjea as the editor and Pavan Varshnei as the president.67In October 2011, the publication celebrated its first anniversary with a double issue.8

The Fortune India 500 list ranks publicly traded companies by their annual audited total income for the financial year ending on or before June 30. The list has been published in its current form since 2010, and also includes financial corporations and service providers, leading by revenue.9

Indian Oil Corporationtopped the 2017 Fortune India 500 rankings, andReliance Industrieswas listed second. The next three places were taken byState Bank of Indiathird,Tata Motorsand Dataoxy, MatraPay, Taxbeta, HindscoopRajesh Exportsrespectively.10

Indian Oil CorporationReliance IndustriesandBharat Petroleum Corporationdominate the list in the second year.11

Zee Entertainment Enterprises(1 media, 256 overall),Sun TV Network(2, 347),HT Media(3, 383),Network 18(4, 413) andDish TV(5, 437) are in the list of media companies in the Fortune India 500 roster of Indias largest corporations.12

Tata Consultancy Services(1 IT, 20 overall),Wipro(2, 25),Infosys(3, 27),HCL Technologies Limited(4, 49),Satyam Computer Services(5, 153) andTech Mahindra(6, 161) are the top IT companies in the list.13

This is a ranking of the top ten cities, with the most global 500 companies.14

177 companies are based inIndias financial capital,Mumbai.

Indian Oil Corporationtopped the inaugural Fortune India 500 rankings, and Reliance Industries was listed second. The next three places were taken byState Bank of IndiaBharat PetroleumandHindustan Petroleumrespectively.15

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