Are you ready to start living the life of your dreams?

Society teaches you to get a secure job and work hard so you can finally retire someday and enjoy your life. But you are really working hard for SOMEONE ELSE and helping to build THEIR dreams.

You can create your OWN freedom by learning to flip properties and invest in real estate.

This community was started by Sam Weaver, once a school teacher, who left the rat race to become a successful millionaire real estate investor.

You can do the same. Enjoy freedom and fulfillment in your lifestyle starting now!

Top professionals in any industry know coaching is an invaluable resource. At Fortune Weavers Academy, we believe to be the best, you have to constantly always surround yourself with people who have a distinct perspective and have already achieved what you desire.

Mentoring is our real estate investing program that allows investors to reach their financial and personal goals by learning how to strategically invest in real estate. Mentoring students receive unmatched support through:

4. Exclusive access to our live training events

Learn Time-Tested Strategies to Succeed in Real Estate right in the local Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside area.

I started out my real estate career as a wholesaler in 2012. I fine-tuned my marketing strategy and bandit signs became my niche. I would receive calls from my signs and run the numbers.

Many times I had to turn people away if the numbers did not make sense for a wholesale deal. However, when I became a part of this academy, there were so many different options to provide for homeowners, that I was able to help clients that I would have previously turned down.

Thanks to Mr. Weavers course I have added tremendous value to my real estate career knowing that I have the resources to help anyone in real estate or financial distress.

We started with a different real estate investing education company before we had founded Fortune Weavers. We paid $80,000 for the previous program, in which they only sent us home study materials and did not deliver the complete education they had offered. We tried to get a refund, but they refused.

We decided to give Fortune Weavers a chance since their program was affordable and we liked that we would work with the actual flipper, Sam Weaver, himself and not just people trained to teach generic information about real estate investing. Sam initially interviewed us to see what we had learned from our previous program.

We had no idea what POF or EMD was when he questioned us. Not only did Sam teach us these crucial concepts in a typical real estate transaction, he hand-held us throughout the entire process from analyzing the numbers, running comparables, to submitting offers. This program has been extremely valuable and we are happy with our decision in joining Fortune Weavers Academy.

When I first started with Fortune Weavers, I ordered my business cards and passed them out to almost every person I came in contact with. Two months later, I got a call from a 70 y/o woman who owns several group homes in LA area for mentally ill patients. She explained that she was having health issues and wanted to get one of the properties off her hands.

The house was in a trust and she said she didnt care about the money, she just wants out. Instead of just offering to buy her house all cash, we came up with a plan to get her house to sell for top dollar, so that she can walk away with more money. This is what I love about Fortune Weavers.

Not only am I learning the real estate business and investing, I get learn creative strategies and think outside of the box to do the right thing for people. We will help so many people along the way. I feel so proud to be a part of this.

Fortune Weavers Inc is a community of real estate and financial consultants dedicated to helping you with any real estate or financial matter.

We come up with creative strategies to resolve any tough situation. We are hands on and walk you through the entire process.