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The Worlds  First Ever Lifetime Wealth Coaching Company.

Welcome to Fortune Academys Signature event, we want you to attend this event before you join the Fortune Academy Education Programs. WHY? Because at this event we discuss the philosophy of our education which is: MINDSET BEFORE MONEY. If you adopt this approach towards creating wealth, you will be able to create wealth of any level you wish throughout your lifetime. But the focus must begin on you and being able to re-program significant neuroscience that may not be serving you at present when it comes to your beliefs around money itself.

If your interest is mainly in Forex Trading, 2019 is a great year for you, since we have dedicated this year to only working those who want to trade funds of up to 200k in your first year of trading. The education we offer for you to trade this fund is with LIFETIME ACCESS since we want you to consistently be profitable as Fortune Academy will take 50% of the profits. The great news is, that once you are profitable in your first year, your 200k can continue to increase to as far as 2million per individual trader. We talk about how this works and how you can get enlisted on the event,

Success is an inside-out process, learn the tree of wealth which sets the foundations for wealth.

Understand how Forex trading should be treated as an ASSET class.

How Fortune Academy make a high RISK:high REWARD investment SAFE.

Understanding your relationship with wealth on a subconscious level.

How to understand your trading personality

How to match trading strategies to your personality!

How professional trading can involved just 1 hour of your time in a day

Learn how overtrading can damage your performance


Why 95% of traders lose their money in the first 3 months and how to avoid this.

The secrets in the YOU-BROKER-BANK relationship.

Why you cannot trust bankers and their trading habits.

The type of trader you can trust and their trading style!

Why Vice Presidents of Tier 1 Banks are Hither Manns students and trading successfully.


The ways in which you can trade the Crypto Market safely and why the news about crypto is misleading

The 6 areas of the Millionaire Mindset program you need to master

All events are tailored to the audience and thus we recommend you come to many events in the future. The Q&A session is designed so you can ask any questions related to your personal life or business life.

Fortune Academy events bring in people from very influential walks of life so be sure to network to make the most of your day!

Hither Mann initially was an optician after she left university in 2003. She soon realised the trappings of a 9-5 and immediately ventured out into Property Development where she built a multi-million-pound portfolio by the age of 25 using no money down strategies that were rife prior to 2008. She then leveraged this portfolio into the world of Financial Trading. Hither learned how to trade 1:1 from one of the best traders in London since 2009 with whom she invested 7.8million. Hither now realises that formal education will never teach you anything about financial freedom and is on a mission to teach 1000s of people since 2014 how to trade forex like she had learned. Better still, she is awarding students with money to trade with when they show a positive track record. Hither is renowned for making forex simple for any background to learn, especially if you havent traded before. Current traders will learn some valuable new strategies that will help them in all their trading styles.

Hither grew up in a family where the lack of money was the root of all problems and arguments in the household. She knew from the age of 9, that no matter what she was going to be super wealthy so that one day her parents could be happy and stop arguing over money. She started supporting her family financially from the age of 16 through jobs outside School and University. As soon as she graduated however, she realised her job was never going to create that financial freedom she so desperately needed so she threw herself into property networking groups and learned real money-making skills that were never taught in University or the job worldthis is where the realisation came that everybody else was caught in a system that was designed to make you fail and very unhappy! Self-Education was the only route forward! Through her successful financial journey, she managed to support her family the way she thought best and even employed her parents for a short time until they were financially free. Her satisfaction of giving back became addictive and Fortune Academy was the only way she could continue to help others do what she did with her family and loved ones. Teaching others to realise their dreams is something way bigger than any money I have earned in my life. It is what I now live for!


VIP Platinum and Gold ticket holders can queue jump.

You may also upgrade your ticket type at the registration desk

Our first session on the day will be packed with crucial knowledge for mapping the foundations to your financial success. Starting with the inside-out process behind being super wealthy.

First session includes a morning break of 15 mins.

Refresh and re-energise for our supercharged second session. Thos on VIP tickets will have an exclusive dining area with Hither Mann.

Leaning the 7 different elements behind successful trading on all market conditions.

Learn how you can apply for the 200k fund in your first year and how it can grow to 2million in the years that follow based on your trading performance.

Notice: Very Limited Spaces available for 27th April 2019, Book your tickets ASAP!

Due to the high demand, ALL Tickets are NON refundable and NON transferable.

Need immediate assistance or info? Get in touch with our friendly team or call our Manager Leanne on +44 (0)7572 405 364.

ETC VENUES, Garfield House, 86 Edgware Rd, London W2 2EA, UK

etc venues, Garfield House, 86 Edgware Rd, London W2 2EA, UK, United Kingdom

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