is anAmerican comic bookseries created and written byGerard Wayand illustrated byGabriel B. The first six-issue limited series,was released byDark Horse Comicsbetween September 14, 2007 and February 20, 2008.It won the 2008Eisner Awardfor Best Finite Series/Limited Series. A second series,, followed in 2008. The first issue of a third series,, was released on October 3, 2018. A proposed fourth series is in development.On February 15, 2019 atelevision adaptationpremiered on Netflix.

The titular team ofThe Umbrella Academyis described as a dysfunctional family ofsuperheroes. In the mid-20th century, at the instant of the finishing blow in a cosmic wrestling match, 43 superpowered infants are inexplicably born to random, unconnected women who showed no signs ofpregnancy(it is hinted by a character implied to beGodthat they are collectively a modern-day incarnation of theMessiah). Sir Reginald Hargreeves, a.k.a. The Monocle, an extraterrestrial disguised as a famous entrepreneur, adopts the surviving seven children, and prepares them to save the world from an unspecified threat as the Umbrella Academy. InApocalypse Suite, the team disbands and falls out of contact until they meet on the news of Hargreeves death, and subsequently reunite when one of their own number becomes asupervillain.

The Academy is led by The Monocle (Sir Reginald Hargreeves), an alien disguised as a wealthy entrepreneur and world-renowned scientist. He purchases 7 of the 43 babies born that day who become the members of The Umbrella Academy, including Spaceboy (Luther Hargreeves), The Kraken (Diego Hargreeves), The Rumor (Allison Hargreeves), The Sance (Klaus Hargreeves), The Boy (Number Five), The Horror (Ben Hargreeves), and The White Violin (Vanya Hargreeves).

The Umbrella Academy is a team of superpowered children who fight evil for much of their childhoods under the tutelage of their guardian and mentor, Dr. Reginald Hargreeves. But the team breaks up, and nine years later, the estranged members are reunited by the death of the only paternal figure theyve ever known, and the rise of a new and terrible threat.

The Umbrella Academy is faced with a number of catastrophic events and the death of a close ally. When a new threat emerges concerning a cabal of assassins, it is up to the Academy to combat the threat, but each member is distracted with their own problems.

Gerard Way announced at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con that the third series would be entitledThe Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion.10It is hinted that this could be the return of Dr. Terminal, as referenced by Spaceboy saying no one could escape from the Hotel inApocalypse Suiteissue 3. Dark Horse originally announced thatHotel Oblivionwould be released sometime during 201011but this did not transpire.

Hotel Oblivionin its list of comics to look forward to in 2012, though the comic was not released in that year either. In an interview withNewsaramathat same year atNew York Comic Con, Way revealed that he was writing issue 1.12

In June 2013, Gerard Way composed a tweet13about the certainty ofThe Umbrella Academys future, stating that it would be a really long time before a release ofHotel Oblivion, as he planned to move away from comics indefinitely once theKilljoysseries is complete in order to focus his attention on his musical career. He stated in the conversation following his tweet that he would return to comics when its right. However, in December 2013 Way composed several tweets81415saying that he andGabriel Bwould be working on bothHotel Oblivionand the fourth installment ofThe Umbrella Academyduring 2014. In June 2015 he tweeted that he was still actively writing the new series.816

On July 21, 2017, Dark Horse announced thatHotel Oblivionwould be released in 2018. Gerard Way and Gabriel B would be returning.17The first issue ofHotel Oblivionwas released on October 3, 2018, and the 6th was released on March 28th 2019. The final issue (Number 7) is due to be released on June 5, 2019.

A first short preview story of the series was released on November 2, 2006 on the Dark Horse Comics website.2The first printed story was But the Past Aint Through With You. which appeared in the 2007 Dark Horse ComicsFree Comic Book Dayissue.3Another story, Safe & Sound, was published in July 2007 inDark Horse Presentsonline onMySpace.18

An Internet preview was released on November 2, 2006 on the Dark Horse website. The story was colored by Dan Jackson and lettered by Jason Hvam.2It is included in theApocalypse Suitecollection. The story is only two pages long and contains two main characters, The Sance, appearing as an adult, and Number Five. A time-travel machine causes the Sance to briefly experience life as a French military commander.

Cover of the 2007 Dark Horse Comics Free Comic Book Day issue, featuring the first printed story of The Umbrella Academy, But the Past Aint Through With You.

The first printed story of the series, the title is a line from the B-side track Kill All Your Friends by Ways band,My Chemical Romance(And you can sleep in a coffin, but the past aint through with you). But the Past Aint Through with You., appeared in the 2007 Dark Horse Comics Free Comic Book Day issue. The comic book was released on May 5, 2007,Free Comic Book Day. It is included in theApocalypse Suitecollection. The comic book also features the dbut ofPantheon Citywritten byRon Marzand illustrated by Clment Sauv andZero Killerwritten byArvid Nelsonand illustrated by Matt Camp.3

The story begins with Spaceboy, The Rumour, and The Sance finding The Rumours body in an alley. The killer seems to be the Murder Magician and his Assistant, who has hypnotized everyone at a talk show. The villains are defeated and the secret is uncovered. The Rumour had been sneaking out to meet up with a juggler and lying about going to the library. Her powers created a double that went to the library; this one was taken and slain. Its revealed the Monocle worked with the Magician to kill the copy to teach Rumour a lesson. At the bottom of the final page, it states … Some of the characters you have enjoyed today may or may not be living and/or dead by the next episode, hinting that The Horror dies soon after.

Safe & Sound is an eight-page story published in the first issue of the second volume ofDark Horse Presentsin July 2007. The second volume ofDark Horse Presents(an anthology comic book, which was the first comic ever published by Dark Horse) appears monthly exclusively online on the social networking websiteMySpacefor free. The title comes from a song Gerard Way worked on with Japanese rock singerKyosuke Himurofor the movieFinal Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete. The comic book also features stories for the seriesSugarshock!, written byJoss Whedonand illustrated byFbio Moon(Gabriel Bs twin brother) andSamurai: Heaven and Earth, written byRon Marzand illustrated byLuke Ross.18

The story begins with The Kraken on top of a moving car occupied by criminals. The credits on the page say Safe & Sound / featuring The Kraken / Formerly of the Umbrella Academy. The cars occupants, a driver, a man in the passenger seat with aTommy gun, aGypsyfortune teller in the back seat, and a little girl in the back seat are all aware that The Kraken is on top of the vehicle. After The Kraken stabs the top of the car, the fortune teller, who is holding a greencrystal ball, orders the man in the front to shoot The Kraken, who manages to escape injury. When the girl in the back says that she wants to go home, the fortune teller tells her she can as soon as her father pays the ransom. The Kraken punches the man with the gun through the window, prompting the fortune teller to order the driver to slam the brakes. The Kraken and the man with the gun are ejected from the car, the latter going through the windshield. The driver then indiscriminately shoots at the clothing store with the Tommy gun. The Kraken emerges on top of the car (behind the fortune teller) and demands the release of the girl. She pulls out another cartomancy card with devil. The driver shoots at The Kraken, who jumps towards him and punches him. The knocked-out man falls to the ground. The fortuneteller, still defiant, tells The Kraken not to produce his blade or else she will drop the green crystal ball, which she claims holds the life of the girl she is holding hostage. She claims that if it drops the girl will die. The Kraken throws his knife at the fortune tellers shoulder and she drops the crystal ball, which shatters on the ground. The fortune teller is shocked to see that the girl is still alive and is surprised by a punch delivered by The Kraken. The next scene shows the fortune teller being arrested who is hysterically saying that the girl should have died. Inspector Lupo (a character similar toCommissioner GordonofBatman) thanks The Kraken for saving the mayors daughter. The Kraken reaches into the back seat of the fortune tellers car and produces a crystal ball, identical to the one that was destroyed. He hands it in to the Inspector and tells him that its Something important. Take care of it.

Dark Horse released the eight-page short story on their MySpace, and it is also included in theDallascollections and theMySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume 2in 2009, collecting the online stories fromMySpace Dark Horse Presents7-12.

The story takes place thirteen years ago, during the groups teenage years. The Monocle is giving a long and boring speech to Diego (The Kraken) and Vanya (The White Violin), who are in a punk rock band called Prime 8s, in which Vanya plays the guitar, Diego plays the bass guitar, and an ape called Body plays the drums. The Monocle dislikes the bands music and the name of their debut albumI Dont Wanna Kill the President, saying that this gives The Academy bad publicity. He gives Vanya a plane ticket to Paris, where she is supposed to study real music (classical), however, he is simply trying to separate Vanya from Diego. In his room, Diego convinces Vanya to play one last gig that night at a bar, and then with the money they would earn, they could run away from the Umbrella Academy to tour with the band. They agree to meet at the gig that night. At the bar, people are screaming to hear the Prime 8s, but Diego hasnt shown up yet. The owner of the bar demands to see the band playing at that moment or hell send another band on, so Body decides to quit the band and say goodbye to Vanya. Vanya, upset at being let down by Diego, is walking down the street and passes by a shop selling TVs. The news is shown about a gang arrested by The Umbrella Academy, which they did with the help of Diego. Vanya walks away and gets into a taxi. The driver asks, Going somewhere important? Vanya answers, Yeah, anywhere but here.

The Umbrella Academyis collected intrade paperbacksand limited edition hardcovers. The hardcover editions have larger pages and a few more extra features.

Way has stated that the biggest influence on this piece of work is his favorite writer,Grant Morrisonand his work onDoom PatrolwithDC Comics. He has also stated that Pat McEown ofZombieWorld: Champion of the Wormwas a big influence on his work. Way has said thatEdvin Biukovićis his all-time favorite artist and that hisGrendel Talesare like my bible to draw from.4

A film version ofThe Umbrella Academywas optioned byUniversal Studios, but never produced. On July 7, 2015, it was announced thatThe Umbrella Academywould instead be developed into a television series rather than the original film, produced by Universal Cable Productions.9On July 11, 2017, it was officially announced thatNetflixhad greenlit a live-action series adaptation ofThe Umbrella Academy, which premiered on February 15th, 2019, withSteve Blackmanserving as showrunner, and Way as an executive producer.1920It is currently moving into its second season.

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