Since 1967, we have helped thousands of formerly incarcerated people successfully reenter the community. Our holistic range of services has helped our participants transform and rebuild their lives after incarceration.

During my eight months as a participant, Fortune provided me with a wide array of services that drastically changed my lifestyle and allowed me to develop personally and professionally.

I was facing a three-year sentence, but thanks to Fortune, I didnt have to serve any time in prison. I will always be thankful to Fortune for setting me on the right path without a felony on my record.

After prison, I had no marketable skills. But thanks to Fortune, I am now a unionized worker making a decent living. Everyday, I am proud to use the skills I learned through the Green Construction Program and to have an honest means of earning a living

I have always used cooking as a tool to make others smile, and it is fulfilling to provide clients with wholesome, delicious meals to start the day.

When I first came to Fortune, a staff member helped me access SNAP benefits so that I didnt have to navigate the system on my own. This allowed me to immediately start rebuilding my life.

Of Fortune Academy participants in transitional housing successfully moved to permanent housing

The first day I stopped in, I received a room at The Fortune Academy. Now, Im thankful and relieved to have a safe place to stay.

Our vision is to foster a world where all who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated will thrive as positive, contributing members of society.