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What new secret weapon have successful Fortune 500 companies integrated into their workplace?

Do You Know the New Secret Weapon of Successful Fortune 500 Companies?

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If you want your business to run as efficiently as a Fortune 500 company, then you need to learn about all of their secrets.

Walt Disney, Apple, Continental, and Harley Davidson Motorcycles all have this new secret weapon in common. They have integrated executive coaching into their human resources offerings for company executives.

While you may not be in the Fortune 500 list just yetall businesses can learn from the successes of these profitable companies and strive to copy those business strategies which pay off. Executive coaching is a tried and true process, assisting executive leadership in a wide variety of companiesand you should consider how it will benefit your organization too.

Executive coaching is conducted by a professional coach who works with an individual or an executive team. If used by an individual, the coach will assist the executive in identifying the issues or areas in which assistance is sought.

There is no limit to the issues which can be addressed. Once the issues are identified, the coach helps the executive brainstorm possible solutions, and any obstacles preventing the successful implementation of the best options. Then the coach helps the executive select the best solution and devise goals and action steps to carry out the plan. At various milestones, the coach holds the executive accountable for their progress and joins them in celebrating successes.

Executiveteamcoaching conducted by a professional coach works much the same way as individual executive coaching. The main difference is that the coach must be skilled in recognizing group dynamics as well as the motives and politics of the team in conducting executive team coaching.

Executive team coaching proves to be most successful in the following situations:

An established team is working on a new project.

New executives are joining an existing executive team.

High level executives are coming together from across the company to work on long range corporate visioning.


Regardless of the size of your organization, executive coaching is effective in a number of corporate settings including:

If you are the CEO of your organization, executive coaching can assist you in big picture visioning and managing your team. An executive coach can also work with your inner circle of top executives if you are stuck or at a crossroads.

If you are in human resources, and you are constantly being brought in to mediate interdepartmental disputes or executive turf wars, executive coaching can help resolve internal disagreements and assist executives who are struggling in managing their team or meeting corporate milestones.

Executive coaching works because a detached professional guides executives and/or their teams to understand how they can work more effectively and efficiently as both individuals on a team, and as interdependent team players. Executive coaching also works because the process helps executives articulate their goals and set specific action steps for success.

Consider implementing executive coaching as the newest secret weapon for you and your executive team!

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Wow, youve made a solid argument here. I really am not surprised that Fortune 500 companies got a little external help from coaching. I think that executive coaching will be very helpful when new executives (or employees on any level) join a pre-existing team. Just like being the new kid at school, its always good to have an external party help ease the new colleague into their new role. Wish I had someone lending a hand when I was hired!

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