The civil service system is the backbone of administrative machinery in the country. The UPSC Civil Service Examination (CSE) is a countrywide competitive exam in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to recruit candidates for different civil services post (IAS,IPS,IFS,IRS).

Since the launch of Fortune IAS Academy in 2013 we have been working relentlessly to help aspirants come through with flying colours in UPSC Civil Services Examination. Our academy that considers its responsibility to inculcate self-confidence and developing right skills which allows students to easily rank ahead of others .This responsibility makes us the best UPSC IAS coaching center in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Overall, Team Fortune offers the most holistic learning experience among IAS institutes across India to prepare you for the toughest competitive exam in the world. We are one of the Best IAS, Civil Service Academy in Kerala.

One of the best packages that Fortune has to offer for the aspirants consisting of:

Sectional Tests focussing on specific areas of the Mains syllabus

Tests for Qualifying Papers English & Regional Language (Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi)More

Free mock Tests at the start of the test series to help you decide before enrolling

Flexibility to suit each individual aspirants need Aspirant can choose to write the test at time of their convenience during office hours in the Dedicated Exam Room at the Academy.

A big thank you to the team at FORTUNE IAS ACADEMY for guiding me through interview process. While the panels and the feedback was amazing, what helped me even more was the individual attention I got from Sylesh Fernandas Sir and Munidarsan Sir. They helped me make very important refinements in my personality which had made a world of difference in my approach to the interviews. I cannot be more thankful!

IFoS, AIR 18, Indian Forest Service Examination 2016-17

I started my association with FORTUNE IAS ACADEMY through its comprehensive preliminary examination about 2 months before the 2016 prelims. Needless to say, the tests and the discussion helped me to prepare better for the prelims and I ended up clearing the Forest Service prelims. The Civil Services Mains Test Series helped me to get that writing practice which I found very useful during Forest Service Mains examination. The Academy was also kind enough to arrange a good mock interview session on a very short notice to help me prepare for my UPSC interview. Most importantly, the teachers at the academy were always approachable not just for clearing doubts but also when one doubts his/her own ability in clearing the examination. I would specifically like to mention Thomas Sir, Munidarsan sir and Sreevisakh sir who were with me throughout the journey. The Academy has really helped me in all stages of my Forest Service Examination in one way or another and Im deeply indebted to them.

Public Administration by Munidarsan Sir helped me to grasp the concepts of the subject in a very effective manner and improve 60 marks under his guidance. The Interview Mentorship Programme at Fortune helped me perform well in my UPSC interview.

FORTUNE IAS ACADEMY has been instrumental in helping me reach my target. The Test Series at Fortune is highly structured and the discussions are also helpful to constantly improve my results.

The exemplary guidance in Public Administration by Munidarsan sir helped me improve conceptual clarity and enabled me to score stellar marks in the subject. I have also attended the mock tests for prelims and the interview guidance programme at Fortune, both of which have helped me improve continuously and perform better.

The Prelims and Mains Test Series of FORTUNE IAS ACADEMY boosted my knowledge and analytical ability and also helped in improving my objective marking for Prelims. The Mains Test Series in particular improved my presentation skills which paved the way for my success in Civil Services Examination 2016.

Munidarsan Sirs guidance and the Public Administration Test Series helped me a lot in improving my optional papers score from 180 (2014) to 211 (2015) to 302 (2016). It helped me a lot in understanding the theories in Paper-I, giving contemporary examples and presenting better structured answers. Discussions in GS topics also helped me in giving appropriate examples and case studies while answering the GS papers and also during my interview.